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Risen - An old school RPG 2

Introduction With aged graphics and animations you could say that Risen is an old school RPG, but also because of it's long rich  gameplay and story, which isn't all that common these days (Anyways, graphics isn't that important... right?). Having played their previous titles Gothic 1, 2 (which I loved) and 3 (which I hate) I'm glad that this game is much more stable and balanced than Gothic 3 (Even though I fell through the ground after 2 minutes of gameplay).  Story The game begins with you fl...

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Delve Deep Enough and you will find an Amazing game. 1

     Risen is one of those games that I expect many people picked up played for an hour and quit. And there is a simple reason for that, the first 10-15 hours is all setup to overarching story but its backed up by some decent voice acting and a main character with a face only a mother could love but his take no shit attitude is a nice change of pace.  First lets start with the bad, the combat in the game can be rage inducing, enemies seem to play by completely different rules than you when it co...

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Piranha Bytes's best game, and that's high praise 0

At first glance, Risen doesn't appear very impressive. In the first five minutes, you might get the impression that it is just another typical 3rd person action/RPG that starts you off with just a few gold coins and a rusty sword. On the surface, the game is wholly derivative. After playing it for a while though, it reveals itself as something quite different. It benefits from a focus on design and attention to detail that is unparalleled in the RPG world (except for perhaps the other games by t...

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A major improvement that will go unnoticed. 0

    Developers of the gothic series have attempted again with the fantasy vibe. While it feels like it's becoming the next WWII of video games. That hasn't stopped developed from making Risen, which is a improvement and large step in the right direction for the developers, but not quite enough to launch it to main status.      In a market being flooded with these types of games, it's essential for a fantasy game to stand out or be another title. It can be hard to recommend these types of games w...

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Lacks the ambition that powered Gothic, but still, a solid RPG 0

Piranha Bytes only had one franchise ( Gothic ) , but it fully gained the heart of many hard to impress gamers with that franchise alone. But after Jowood , the publisher of their games forced Gothic 3 to be released unfinished, the studio broke up with their publisher and started making a new IP named Risen. PB goes back to their more linear and plot focused Gothic 1 & 2 formula with Risen and you shouldn't expect a huge game world and an absolute non-linear game-play like Gothic 3. Risen s...

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