Rising Thunder

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    Mechs collide in this free-to-play fighting game from Radiant Entertainment.

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    Rising Thunder was a fighting game for the PC that focused on strategy over execution. Rather than requiring players to learn relatively complex controller motions to perform special attacks, those attacks were mapped directly to buttons and, in some cases, had cooldowns associated with them to limit their use.

    Rising Thunder was announced in July 2015 and a technical alpha was scheduled for that same month. The game was set to be released as a free-to-play title, with microtransactions for cosmetic items planned to support the game financially.

    The game featured mechs.

    Development on Rising Thunder was halted on March 8, 2016 after developer Radiant was acquired by Riot Games and the team supporting the game moved on to new projects.


    DauntlessSam Cooper, USAA rushdown character whose normal attacks have above-average range.
    ChelAna Itza, MexicoA long-range character who can use plasma blasts to keep enemies away, and an anti-air uppercut if anyone gets too close.
    TalosXander Baccus, GreeceA large grappler. If he gets close, Talos can bounce his enemies off the wall or slam them into the ground.
    CrowMin Choi, South KoreaA highly-technical character who uses plasma disks that can cancel projectiles and strike opponents from different angles.
    VladZib, RussiaA close-range striking character with incredible anti-air techniques.
    EdgeSun Li, ChinaA mixup character with incredible speed whose special attacks can be difficult to predict.

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