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    Risk of Rain 2

    Game » consists of 5 releases. Released Aug 11, 2020

    Build up your arsenal of random upgrades and survive a hostile environment that gets more difficult over time, this time in full 3D!

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    Risk of Rain 2 is a 3D sci-fi third-person action-adventure platformer developed by Hopoo and published digitally by Gearbox for the PC on August 11, 2020. It was later released for Google Stadia on September 29, 2020 and for the Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and Nintendo Switch on October 20, 2020.

    The sequel to the 2013 game Risk of Rain, Risk of Rain 2 brings the original's "rogue-lite" elements and signature time-based difficulty to full 3D in a third-person perspective. As one of several "Survivors", each with unique weaponry and abilities, players must progress through a hostile environment (which gets more difficult as the game's timer progresses) in order to acquire new random upgrades (all of which are stackable, allowing for ridiculous combinations) and find the exit.

    The game's story takes place sometime after the original, following the crew of the starship UES Safe Travels as they investigate the whereabouts of the crashed cargo ship from the first game (the UES Contact Light) on a hostile alien planet. Like the original, players start only with access to one of these crewmen (the basic Commando) and must unlock new Survivors and Items through repeated playthroughs.

    It was originally released as an early access title for the PC on March 28, 2019 and for consoles (all except Google Stadia) on August 30, 2019. Further post-release updates and expansions are in development.



    From the cast of the original Risk of Rain, only seven characters return: Commando, Huntress, Engineer, Mercenary, Loader, Acrid, and Bandit.


    Available from the start.

    - Low HP. Unarmored.

    A jack-of-all-trades character with a mix of short-to-mid ranged offensive attacks (mainly through his dual-wielded pistols) and a quick defensive dodge.


    Available from the start. Prior to the March 25, 2021 update, she was unlocked by reaching and charging the third Teleporter without dying.

    - Very Low HP. Unarmored.

    Fragile but mobile, the Huntress has a variety of homing attacks (including a bow-and-arrow that can be fired while sprinting and a glaive that bounces between enemies) and a quick close-ranged teleport.


    Unlocked by charging the first Teleporter five times through all playthroughs.

    - Very High HP. Lightly armored.

    A highly-durable multi-purpose robot whose main draw is being able to switch between two "loadouts" at-will with its Special Ability.

    Each "loadout" has a different primary attack (chosen from the main loadout, each with varying ranges and utility) and a dedicated Equipment slot (allowing it to carry two Equipment items at once).

    It also has access to a cluster stun grenade and can transform to a "Transport Mode" (giving it increased armor, movement speed, and the ability to ram enemies, at the cost of being able to use most other Abilities).


    Unlocked by completing charging 30 Teleporters through all playthroughs.

    - Average HP. Unarmored.

    Using a pair of automated turrets and multiple proximity mines, the Engineer's main draw is fortifying areas.


    Unlocked by entering the secret Blue Portal, then by purchasing the freedom of the suspended Artificer.

    - Low HP. Unarmored.

    An elemental character whose draw is high-burst damage using a combination of aggressive fire, electric, and ice abilities. She can also float gracefully in the air using her ENV Suit by holding down the Jump key.


    Unlocked by entering the secret Celestial Portal, then by obliterating at the Obelisk.

    - Low HP. Heavily armored.

    A melee-focused character who can create lethal combinations of melee attacks with his Laser Sword. He can also double-jump without the use of any items.


    Unlocked by carrying the Fuel Array equipment from the escape pod to the Abyssal Depths stage, then by interacting with the disabled REX.

    - Average HP. Heavily armored.

    A half-robot half-plant symboit, REX has toxin-based weaponry that can cause enemies to become Weakened (reducing their stats). They can also push enemies away using sonar-based attacks. Some of these weapons cost some of REX's HP, while some heals them based on the damage dealt.


    Unlocked by reaching the Siren's Call stage, then by destroying several Alloy Venture Nests, and defeating the Alloy Worship Unit boss.

    - High HP. Heavily armored.

    Wielding a powerful armored suit, the Loader is a melee-focused bruiser who can use her armored gauntlets either to grapple onto enemies and other surfaces (for faster movement) or to perform devastating charged punches. She can also deploy a floating pylon, shocking nearby enemies while doubling as a grapple point.

    Similar to the Acrid, the Loader has improved health regeneration compared to other Survivors. She is also immune to all forms of fall damage (including out-of-map damage) and receives a temporary barrier on melee strikes.


    Unlocked by entering the secret Null Portal, then by stabilizing the Cell.

    - High HP. Heavily armored.

    An alien creature, the Acrid is a melee-focused bruiser whose main draw is poisonous spit attacks that can afflict enemies with a powerful damage-over-time debuff. It can also stun enemies by performing a leaping attack.

    Similar to the Loader, the Acrid has improved health regeneration compared to other Survivors. It can also regenerate health through consistent melee attacks.


    Unlocked by completing the Commencement stage.

    - Low HP. Unarmored.

    As the captain of the UES Safe Travels, the Captain can summon orbital strikes and supply beacons from the ship to bombard enemies and aid his team. He also has access to a shotgun with variable range (as its pellet spread narrows while the shot is being charged up) and electrical tazer shots that can ricochet.

    Regarding Supply Beacons, players can only summon two for each stage, and customize which Beacons are deployed as part of their main loadout. Supply Beacons cannot be destroyed. In hidden realms, the Captain loses access to both Orbital Strikes and Orbital Supply Beacons.

    He also starts with his own unique legendary item: Defensive Microbots (which grant him and allied drones special "microbots" that negate enemy projectiles). This is not permanent, as it can be discarded in rare occasions.


    Added on the March 25, 2021 update. Unlocked by reaching and charging the third Teleporter.

    - Low HP. Unarmored.

    Focused on attacking enemies from behind, the Bandit has attacks that are automatic Critical Strikes if they hit enemies from behind and a Smoke Bomb that both stuns enemies and gives him temporary invisibility.

    His Secondary attack, usually done at close range, triggers the Hemorrhage de-buff (a longer-duration version of the Bleed effect), while his Special attack allows him to fire a damaging revolver shot that grants a special effect on kills.


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