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I couldn't see a recent thread about this so, I decided to start one.

I came across Risk of Rain 2 via the Humble Store and was surprised as I hadn't been actively looking to see if a sequel was being developed. Actually that characterises my suprise incorrectly, I had hoped a sequel would come considering Risk of Rain was a favourite of mine years ago but the fact that the sequel is in 3D was a big shock.

Anyway I'm looking forward to seeing more about this. I think the GB crew (Jeff and Alex specifically) really dug the original so a quick look/unfinished from either coast would be cool to see.

anyway here's some gameplay if you haven't seen it.

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Been playing a bit of it myself. I've unlocked the Huntress and MUL-T so far, and have been enjoying it single player. It's a pretty awful experience in multiplayer, though. There's a lot of "fuck you I got mine" mentality where items are concerned, which leads to situations where someone ends up woefully under-prepared for the difficulties ahead.

I think I'll unlock the rest of the available characters, and then probably leave the game alone until it launches.

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Did you play much multiplayer in the RoR1? I only played it solo. When that final mission ramped up the damage numbers got pretty ridiculous.

Watching the clip above I can see they are heading that direction again so they are clearly looking to have it feeling similar despite changing up the gameplay so dramatically with a whole new dimension added.

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I played some RoR1 multiplayer, but due to how antiquated the system was (inputting IP addresses), I only ever did it with close friends, which is obviously a very different experience from playing with random folk.

And yes, it gets pretty crazy as you go along, just like the first game. Multiple bosses when you activate the teleporter, bosses spawning along with normal enemies...it gets hectic. I'm enjoying it a fair bit, but I would say that my two chief concerns at the moment are:

1: Finding the teleporter is too hard. I've had many occasions where it feels like I have examined every square inch of a level and just can't kind the exit. Sometimes I find it by accident, hidden in some nook or cranny that it seems like it shouldn't be allowed to spawn in. The game requires that you move at a good clip in order to not get overwhelmed, so when you come across a level where the teleporter spawned in a weird location, you end up spending far too long in a level, which usually means death. I think the first game's approach of there only being a handful of possible spawn locations is the better choice.

2: When you activate the teleporter, chests and the like are no longer functional. Until you charge up the teleporter, you can't get new items. This is mainly an issue in multiplayer, where someone will just activate the teleporter the second they've seen it, even if their teammates haven't bought a single item yet. They are all functional once again after it's charged, but that means you end up having to waste a bunch of time wandering a level devoid of enemies, looking for another chest/shrine etc to spend your last cash at.

I'm also not a big fan of having to be near the teleporters to charge them (I think that should just be a set amount of time, like the original game), but I'm not as firmly opposed to it as the other two things I listed.

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GOTY so far for me.

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It feels real good, but in multiplayer even with friends I was being told I was taking the wrong items for my character, and started ending runs with almost no items until I stopped communicating/trying to do well. I usually don't buy games early access and this is a great example of why.


As a heads up though, the teleporter gives off orange sparkles that float into the air if you stand somewhere high and look closely.

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@theflamingo352: thanks for the heads-up. I'll keep a look out for that next time I play.

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Here's some tips for anyone interested after about 20 hours of playing exclusively with friends:

  • 3D printers with the right items are EXTREMELY exploitable if found early. Feeding everything you find to get 6-9 Soldier's Syringes or Leeching Seeds is incredibly worth it.
    • Side note to make 3D printers less confusing- they will only take like for like in terms of rarity, so a 3D printer that spits out green rarity items will only select green rarity items from your current pool. Definitely freeing to realize you aren't risking your super rare drops.
  • Huntress really benefits from attack speed increases, but the best item on her to stack is probably the Backup Magazine. Having 4 or 5 of the glaive to throw out in quick succession will just rip crowds apart. She's also the only character the Rose Buckler is particularly good on.
  • MUL-T definitely benefits from movespeed bonuses for his charge ability, but attack speed is really the thing that matters. With a high enough fire rate, you can basically just use his machine gun at all times and the lack of accuracy isn't a problem anymore. He still might be the most broken character even after the small nerf, but we haven't had a lot of success running multiple MUL-Ts in one group.
  • Engineer is loads of fun even though they took away his missile barrage from ROR1. Running in a group of 3-4 Engineers is extremely broken, for one reason: Creeping Fungus is the best item in the game for him. The AoE heal works on the turrets, so if everyone gets at least one, and you all dump your turrets down in one location, you suddenly have 8 turrets all healing each other. Plus you can keep the defensive shield up at all times.

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