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    Riven, the Exile

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    Riven is a female Noxian champion from the free to play game League of Legends. Riven wields a broken sword as her primary weapon.

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    Riven was one of the highest ranking female soldiers in the Noxian army. She rose up through the ranks of the Noxian army due to her amazing conviction and strength. As a young child Riven had such a desire to join the Noxian army that she pushed herself into perfecting her skill with the long sword. Even as small little girl she wielded the sword with ease, which eventually lead to her recruitment into the army. Riven was eventually awarded with a black stone rune sword in recognition for her years of service. Eventually Riven was sent into the front lines of the war between the Noxians and the Ionians. It was during this war that Riven and her battalion were ambushed by Ionian forces. Riven request for aid was eventually answered by the Noxian scientist, Singed the Mad Chemist. However his idea of support was a barge of biochemical weapons upon both the Ionian ranks and the ranks of Riven and her men. Luckily Riven was barely able to escape the massacre. After the event Riven decided it was best to start anew. She shattered her black stone sword into pieces, keeping a piece to be used as her weapon. Riven would then go into exile, and eventually return to join the League in order to create help support the Noxian vision she supported so many years ago.


    Runic Blade (Passive): All of Riven's abilities cause her sword to gain a charge. When Riven auto attacks, she uses up one of the charges in order to deal bonus damage to her target. Riven can store up to 3 charges of her passive at a time. After a certain amount of time the charges will disappear.

    Broken Wings (Activated with Q): Riven does a short jump forward dealing AoE physical damage to all enemies near where she lands. Broken wings can be activated 3 times in a row before it goes back on cooldown. The first two activations cause Rien to simply jump forward and deal physical damage. However on the third activation Riven jumps into the air and when she lands not only does physical damage to all nearby enemies but also knocks them all up into the air for a short time. Each activation of Broken Wings gives Riven one stack of Runic Blade, meaning you should be able to gain 3 stacks of runic blade from your Broken Wings ability.

    Ki Burst (Activated with W): Riven deals AoE physical damage around herself and stuns all nearby enemies for 0.5 seconds. This ability gives Riven one stack of Runic Blade.

    Valor (Activated with E): Riven does a small dash forward and creates a shield around herself absorbing a certain amount of damage. Valor is currently the only shield in League of Legends that scales with physical damage. This ability gives Riven one stack of Runic Blade.

    Blade of the Exile (Ultimate activated with R): Riven reforges her long sword for a few seconds, giving her increased attack damage and attack range on her attacks and abilities for the duration. Blade of the Exile can be used again while activated to use an ability called Wind Slash. This ability gives Riven one stack of Runic Blade.

    -Wind Slash (Activated by pressing R again after Blade of the Exile has been activated): Riven launches a stack of blades forward dealing physical damage to all enemies hit by the blades. This ability can only be used once per activation of Blade of the Exile. Wind Slash generates one stack of Runic Blade.


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