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Solid, mindless fun 0

There are strangely some RPG elements to River City Ransom. This will especially be evident when you go into towns and buy food (or some other strange item…). For example, if you go into a seafod restaurant, after you buy salmon, it will immediately give you + points in a certain areas relating to strength and the ability to evade. You can even store some items and use it during the battle, just like in Final Fantasy.  RPG elements add depth But that is where the similarities to...

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5 Sentence Review For River City Ransom 0

Let's go kick some young punk's jerk-off asses in the original beat 'em up!I'm in a shop and buying food (and upping my stats), NOM NOM NOM.I'm in the bookstore; Holy Shit look how fast I can punch/kick/weapon.I never knew an 8-bit brawler could have so much depth!The Pièce de résistance is when I show you my adorable backside while toweling off....

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Ah, reminds me of my High School Days of Infamy. 0

Well maybe not, but River City Ransom was a very good 2D side scrolling beat'em up game on the NES. This game was so much fun due to the fact that, personally, it was humorous.  As for a beat'em up game, it's the only one that I could recall in being unique in powering up the player's characters. This was an ingenious way to add a different type of game play element to the game. Of course taking place in a town, the game makes use of the shops to offer power ups.  Recommendations: If you like ol...

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Nostalgia-fueled review results in crazy score. 0

I remember when I was but a wee lad, back when I couldn't afford a single piece of cartridge for Nintendo's electronical videogame machinery due to my moneylessness. So I used to leech off of those who could. One beautiful day when the birds were chirping and the sun had come up from bottom of ground, I got to borrow this thing called Street Gangs, which was its European title.What I was presented with was a story about blablablah. To remedy the situation you punched, kicked, threw and hit dudes...

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