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    A Japanese developer and publisher established in the early 1980s most famous for its mystery adventure games among other titles.

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    Riverhill Soft was a Fukuoka-based game developer founded in August 1982 but was not fully established as a corporation until May 6, 1983 [3]. Started by Kazuhiro Okazaki and Rika Suzuki, the company began as a PC developer where all of their games were published and advertised by Union Planning. In 1986, Riverhill began publishing games under their own name and soon became famous for creating adventure games like J.B. Harold Murder Club and RPGs like Burai [2]. Over time the company branched out into the home console market and became known for creating titles like Doctor Hauzer, Overblood, and Refrain Love. They also published various Western developed games in Japan.

    In 2004, Riverhill Soft dissolved and many of the company's employees splintered off to create their own companies in the years preceding Riverhill's bankruptcy. These include:


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