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    Road Atlanta

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    Road Atlanta is a famous race course located in Braselton, Georgia and owned by Panoz Motorsports. It is host to the Petit Le Mans, a 10 hour mini-enduro, and is featured in many racing games.

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    Road Atlanta is a race course located in Braselton, Georgia.

    • The track features 12 turns, and is 2.54 miles long.
    • When Panoz acquired the track in 1996 the large dip before turns 10 and 11 were added.
    • The first Road Race in NASCAR history took place at Road Atlanta in 1986.
    • Road Atlanta also host several motorcycle and kart races every year.
    • Racing at Road Atlanta was cancled while Panoz was making modifications to the track from 1996 to 1998. The track's first race after it reopened was the Petit Le Mans, a 10 hour mini endurance race that became the first race ever in the American Le Mans series
    • The track was built in 1969 and hosted its first race in 1970. Road Atlanta also has a configuration for a shorter races. This configuration is 1.77 miles, and has 11 turns
    • Road Atlanta is featured in vido games like Forza Motorsport 1 and 2, Formula 1 2001, and 2002, and Sports Car GT.
    • Shortly before Forza Motorsport 1 released Popular Science ran an article about the reality in today's racing games. Gunnar Jeannette, a race car driver, paired up with Forza developers Turn 10 for this article. Jeannette would run several laps around the real Road Atlanta in cars like a Lancer Evo, and then would do the same in Forza 1. He ended up helping drastically improve the Road Atlanta track, and several cars in Forza 1, and the Turn 10 team invited him out to help with Forza 2. Jeannette is currently also helping out in the early stages of Turn 10s next big project which is currently unannounced.

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