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    Road Rash 3: Tour De Force

    Game » consists of 3 releases. Released April 1995

    The Road Rash series continues with tracks from all over the world including the United Kingdom (The Isle of Man), Kenya and Germany. The traditional sprites are replaced with digizied characters giving the game a serious graphical step over its predecessors.

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    Bike Shop

    Road Rash 3 features a Bike Shop. Here you can buy new motorcycles and upgrades. There is three types of motorcycle:

    • Rat Bikes- The slowest of the motorcycle classes.
    • Sport Bikes- Sport Bikes are very fast but incredibly hard to control.
    • Super Bikes- The best of the motorcycle classes, this vehicle class is both fast and easy to control.


    You can upgrade you equipment in four areas:

    • Performance- Increase your engine's overall performance. This includes; quicker acceleration, higher RPM's, and more power.
    • Protection- Strengthen your bike against collisions, endure more spills, and keep your damage gauge strong.
    • Tires- Keep your tires in good condition, this is vital to success.
    • Suspension- This upgrade allows you to control better off jumps, this also helps with general control of the vehicle.

    Player Modes

    There are four player mode options:

    • Solo- This mode is played strictly by yourself and the AI. If you reach a game over screen you may be asked to snitch for the cops or be a Repo Man for the bike shop.
    • Take Turns- Two human players challenge the pack one at a time. One controller is used for both players.
    • Split-Screen- Two human players race against each other in via split-screen multiplayer.
    • Mano A Mano- Challenge a friend to an all-out slug-fest on a split-screen-- no additional opponents and no rules! Choose a weapon and hit the track.

    Road Rash Also supports a password system that saves your; bike, level, upgrades, track qualifications, and cash information.


    There are seven weapons in the game that vary in damage and effect.

    • Club- Slow weapon that takes a biker down in 3 hits.
    • Chain- Fast weapon that takes a biker down in 3 hits.
    • Crowbar- Slow weapon with a 3 hit take down. It stuns the biker for a longer period of time.
    • Oil Can- drops oil onto the road to slip up other bikers and crash them. Limited Use.
    • Mace- Sprays other bikers in the face causing them to freeze for 4 seconds.
    • Cattle Prod- Causes bikers to freeze and take a decent amount of damage.
    • Nun chucks- Very fast weapon that takes bikers down in 2 hits. Best weapon in game.

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