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The gameplay of the game remains the same. The player must pass the track faster than competitors, along the way trying to circumvent urban traffic, animals and other obstacles. Racers themselves can use different weapons to fight right in the race. For the victory the player receives a cash prize.In comparison with the previous part, the game suffered a number of technical changes. The colors became more vivid. Sprite models have been refined and have become more detailed, the animation of the riders has become smoother. The game improved the sound. Also appeared animation inserts after each race. They differ in two types: in case of victory and in case of loss.In the game itself, several innovations have been added. One of them is the police. Policemen on a motorcycle try to catch up with the riders: both the player and the rivals. In the case of capture, you must pay a fine. Also, the game settings became more flexible. You can change the player's name, level, enter codes. Also, you can set up a joint game for up to five people, and everyone can choose their own weapon. The store can now be visited at any time. There are three classes of motorcycles: Ultra Light, Super Bike and Nitro Class. Added a new technique: a powerful blow. It extends to both simple punches, and to punches with weapons.The game has 5 levels in each of 5 tracks. An additional level can be opened if you have passed the qualification on all five tracks of level 5, you will be offered to drive at the sixth level.

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Road Rash 2 play online

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