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Roan is a kid that Ryudo, Elena and Millenia encounter along the way to Granas Cathedral. Having lost a precious memento from his departed mother to a horde of monsters who invaded a town he was visiting, he asks Ryudo for help, who in his own crude fashion informs Roan he is already busy. Shortly after, Roan leaves to search for his medal on his own and once word gets out he's missing, Millennia volunteers herself and Ryudo to find Roan. After they do, Roan travels with the party. Roan shows an understanding far beyond his years, yet he still approaches a lot of common things with boyish curiosity and surprisingly good manners. Millennia, Elena and Tio remind him of his mother. He leaves the party toward the middle of the game to make room for Tio and take over as the King of Cyrum. When he rejoins the party toward the end of the game, he has improved moves. The player controls Roan at the end of the game.

Roan's stats are average like Ryudo, but are slightly lower. He works best as a backup healer. His moves include Golden Hammer, Dragon Rise, Snowball Fight, and Vitality March. When he rejoins the party, Dragon Rise has been replaced with True Dragon Rise and Snowball Fight with Ice Prison. He attacks using a dagger.

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