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    Rob Dyrdek

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    Rob Dyrdek is a professional skater with his own show on MTV, Rob and Big (Ended), and an show called Fantasy Factory. Rob also has his own clothing line, Rogue Status.

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    Robert "Rob" Dyrdek is a professional skateboarder and is currently sponsored by Silver Trucks, Alien WorkShop, Reflex Bearings, and DC Shoes. Rob has his own reality TV show on MTV called Rob and Big. The show is generally about him having fun with his body guard Big Black. In recent years, Rob has been working on skateboarding in videogames. His claim is that the Tony Hawk series feels nothing like skateboarding anymore and that he will try to produce a more realistic skateboarding game. Since then he has been working closely with EA Black Box and Danny Way (another pro skater) to eventually create the game Skate. Dyrdek mentions in several interviews that Skate feels a lot more realistic than Tony Hawk. After the game's release Dyrdek admitted that the game reveals some flaws that have been improved upon for Skate 2

    Skate 2

    Since Skate 2 was revealed Dyrdek has publicly endorsed the game, praising its achievements. EA Black Box have also featured Dyrdek in every existing trailer. Dyrdek has spoken in behalf of EA in interviews claiming that he is working closely with developers and is embracing an active role in game's development.

    "I think, from being in it from almost the beginning and helping with the authenticity, especially with the ideas on where the storyline is going in this one…it’s very much in line with what I’m trying to do in skateboarding—it’s parallel with it. " -Rob speaking at an EA Black Box event.

    He has also stated that the gameplay is "mindblowingly real" and an improvement upon the original Skate. Rob is featured alongside of Danny Way in Skate 2 with his own set of objectives which are optional within the game. Completion of these unlocks the "Where's my TV show?" achievement in reference to his former show Rob and Big and his new one on MTV, Rob Dyrdek's Fantasy Factory.  

    Rogue Status in Skate 2

    Rob's skate cloth line, Rogue Status, will make an appearance in Skate 2 with the famous "gunshow" pattern. Rob has also stated that in addition to Rogue Status apparel the game will feature Rogue Status decks and trucks. Using this example, Rob emphasized that a variety of skate brands will appear in Skate 2 - not just the mainstream ones - making the whole skating experience as a whole more customizable. This ultimately adds to the experience. He also added that the existing companies will have "a whole lot" more real merchandise (unlike the original Skate, which had only a few items on each clothing line).

    Rob Dyrdek (AKA. "COOL KID" is featured in Skate 2's first world expansion downloadable content with  Dyrdek's Fantasy Plaza Pack. This includes a recreation of Rob Dyrdek's Fantasy Factory skatepark which is the setting for his new show on MTV.  Also included is the surrounding area modeled after portions of downtown Los Angeles.

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