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    Robert Garcia

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    Robert Garcia is one of the main characters in the Art of Fighting series and is a mainstay in The King of Fighters. He uses a kick-based variation of Kyokugen Karate.

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    Robert Garcia is the son of wealthy businessman Alberto Garcia. Alberto was friends with Takuma Sakazaki and Robert convinced Takuma to train in in the ways of Kyokugen Karate, a difficult feat considering that until that time Kyokugen Karate was only taught to males of the Sakazaki line. Robert became good friends with Ryo, Takuma's only son and Robert's training partner and rival. Robert became enamored with Yuri Sakazaki, Takuma's daughter and Ryo's younger sister.

    At some point in time, Takuma disappears without a trace much to his children's dismay. In 1978 Yuri is abducted sending Robert and Ryo on a mission to find her. The duo encounter Martial Artists, Thugs, Military Men and finally Mr. Big. Robert defeats him but is in no condition to confront by Mr. Karate. Ryo defeats the Kyokugen Master and he is revealed to be Takuma Sakazaki, Robert's sensai. Takuma had been blackmailed by Mr. Big's boss, Geese Howard when the criminals abducted Yuri.


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