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    Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves

    Game » consists of 1 releases. Released November 1991

    Play as the most un-British Robin Hood ever in this movie tie-in RPG-esque action adventure for the NES and Game Boy. The game features a topside isometric view for the most time, but it occasionally changes to a side view perspective for the one on one duels.

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    There are three game modes, the main one consisting of an overhead view action RPG incorporating elements such as real-time combat, hit points, leveling, inventory management across you and your companions (though they did NOT show up in the gameplay of this mode), upgradable armor/weapons, and quest items. A side view mode was implemented for boss battles with one on one dueling that also incorporated your gear and health. Finally, there was a melee overhead mode and this was where your party members could become involved (again with the whatever gear you've given them, though Azeem will always have his big sword unless you equip him with anything other than the dagger).

    Also, don't talk to Marian after getting the dagger from her (this will hopefully make sense in context). All she'll do is steal Duncan from you like in the movie. He's blind but somehow still useful in the melee mode and he's a great packmule for all your loot (which he TAKES if he leaves).

    There is also a cheat password system that can warp you to farther parts of the game. They are mainly based on key words like putting in TAX for the tax wagon mission. You get some reasonable amount of gear an level for the part but it's not optimal.


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