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    Robo-Ky is a line of characters created to copy Ky Kiske's appearance and fighting style with additions on it's own created by the Post War Administration Bureau. Despite his metallic appearance he is often mistaken for Ky Kiske and vice-versa in the storyline.

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    Robo-Ky is a series of characters in the Guilty Gear Series that resemble Ky Kiske and mimic a bit of his fighting style while expressing unique moves of their own, featuring rocket launchers and other weaponry popping out of the body. Robo-Ky does not have a story path play a key role in many of the game character's stories. Robo-Ky were created by and under direct of the Post-War Administration Bureau and is potentially everyone's enemy. Anyone of Japanese Descent or those who use Ki force are targeted to be captured by the Robots for reason unknown. Robo-Ky is often used in the story for comic relief and are shown to be unintelligent.


    Guilty Gear XX: Dubbed the original Robo-Ky, in later remakes of XX (Ex: Slash, Reloaded) he develops more of an individual personality despite their being so many.
    Gear Isuka:
    Robo-Ky Mk 2, a variant from the original made by a rogue scientist that can be customized by the player to have moves from other players.
    Accent Core:
    Ennui, a very perverted, womanizing variant from the original who actually an enemy to the original Robo-Ky because he's a defective, archaic fake which appears to hate all that are not human aside from masculinely strong women such as Jam.

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