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    Robopon: Sun Version

    Game » consists of 4 releases. Released Dec 04, 1998

    Hudson's Pokemon-like handheld RPG for the Game Boy Color that featured the "GB Kiss", a built-in infrared port to make for wireless link, to trade Robopons with friends, interact with household remotes to power up or evolve your Robopon, and unlock treasure chests that can't be opened otherwise.

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    Japanese Releases of Robot Ponkottsu (Robopon) Sun, Star, and Moon Versions
    Japanese Releases of Robot Ponkottsu (Robopon) Sun, Star, and Moon Versions

    Robopon (Robot Ponkottsu) Sun and Star are role-playing games developed by Hudson and published by Hudson (in Japan) and Atlus (in the US) for the Game Boy Color.

    The games were originally released in japan on December 4, 1998 with Robopon Moon Released December 24, 1999. In the States, only Robopon Sun was released and not until December 4, 2000 and published by Atlus, not by Hudson themselves like in japan.


    In Robopon Sun players take on the role of 14 year old Cody. Cody lives on Porombo island where Robopons (robotic creatures that are collected and entered into tournament battles) and humans live together in harmony.

    Today, Grandpa Hogle hands over his bankrupt Robopon Dispatching Company and Cody's first Robopon, Sunny. To get the company back on it's feet, Cody must set out on a journey to earn the Legend 1 title, only given to the greatest Robopon Pro in Porombo.


    The Party and Turn Based Role-Playing System and story is similar in style to that of Pokémon. There are even 150 different Robopon, like Pokémon Red/Blue/Yellow.


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