DLC from Rockband 3 to Rockband 2

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Heya Gang!
I've recently was playing RB2 at a buddy's house and it reminded me how much more awesome the tour mode was in RB2 over RB3, so I've been considering picking up a copy of 2 and replacing RB3 with it as my go to music game. My question is this: I know I wont be able to backwards export the RB3 songs into RB2, but what about the DLC? Will that carry backwards? i.e the Megadeth and Iron Maiden packs? What about disc based track packs?

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Not from the disc, but I believe all DLC songs work with all games.

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@Tylea002: Flabulous! Thank you! :D
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Hate to break it to you, but he's wrong.  
DLC released after the release of RB3 (anything after October 2010) is only compatible in Rock Band 3. So while the older Iron Maiden pack will work in RB2, the newest one (Maiden Epics) only works in RB3. 
It's a totally different file format, with keys and harmonies and such and RB2 doesn't know how to read it. So nothing from RB3 forward works in previous games.

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@ThePaco: Aw poop.. 
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Wait, hold on, someone would rather play Rock Band 2 than Rock Band 3, despite 3 being the best one in practically every capacity? The fuck is this?

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RB2 had tour mode and competitive multiplayer as well as better animations, so there are a couple of reasons for it.

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