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    Rock Band 2

    Game » consists of 7 releases. Released Sep 14, 2008

    Harmonix, MTV Games, and EA return with the sequel to Rock Band. Rock Band 2 ships with 84 on-disc songs, 20 free downloadable songs, compatibility with all DLC, and the ability to import most songs from the first Rock Band.

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    Activision Will never be able to compare to a Game Like This. 0

    After the success of Rock Band, it was obvious a sequel would arise, and now over a year later we now have this game in our hand's and oh boy is it great.First thing's First, this game isn't innovative over the 1st but is the same concept but with a whole lot more feature's. The game feature's a Tour Mode unlike the single player Tour from Rock Band but like it's Band Multiplayer Mode. Cool thing about this is, it add's alot more fun and length to the game aswell as actual story.At any time duri...

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    A Masterpiece Album That Translates Fairly Well 4

    Anyone who knows what Rush is about, knows that Neil Peart is without a doubt one of the greatest drummers alive today, Alex Lifeson can play the absolute hell out of a guitar, and Geddy Lee has a truly unique and captivating voice. All these things in combination make Rush unlike any other band in existence. In terms of consecutive platinum albums, Rush currently sits in fourth place among rock bands behind the likes of The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, and Aerosmith. The fact that Harmonix was ...

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    Pearl Jam At Their Best 1

    The release of Pearl Jam's "Ten" on the Rock Band Store is an amazing addition to the ever growing collection. It is a special treat for fans of Pearl Jam or fans of this album specifically. The versions that were released were actually the remastered and rerecorded versions of the songs that were released with the albums reissue. Ten is easily Pearl Jam's most well known album and for good reason. There is a wide range of difficulty between the songs which makes this pack fun no matter how fast...

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    Rock Band 2...Mostly 0

    Do you ever get that feeling that a franchise or genre has evolved right past you? I think with Rock Band 2, music games have certainly given me rhythm gaming fatigue. The soundtrack is disappointing for me and my personal tastes. Sure, Rock Band 2 is still the great game its predecessor was but I’m definitely at my limit with what Harmonix and Activision decide is good music for a group of people to play. These games are so similar that the only things left to compare are soundtracks. The majo...

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    BingeGamer's New to the Series Review: Rock Band 2 0

    New to the Series Review: Rock Band 2 By Mike Masashi Murakami III • September 19, 2008 Rock Band 2 is the sequel to one of the few rhythm based games that have become quite popular as each day passes. If you have somehow been able to avoid playing these types of games for this long, Rock Band 2 might just be the start of a beautiful relationship, keep reading to find why. Basically, Rock Band 2 is fun in a box. It takes what makes most Nintendo Wii games do, bring fun, especially peop...

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    It doesn't get better than this. 1

    Here it is, the best DLC for the game then and still to this day. It may eventually be bested but for now Moving Pictures is the king of album downloadable content.  All the instruments are a blast to play, with Geddy Lee's signature vocals and basslines even more fun to play than listen to. Alex Lifeson is a great guitar player to base these tracks off of and, of course, Neil Peart's legendary drumming provides some of the most entertaining and challenging drum charts in the game.   The standou...

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    1/3 of a Hat Trick 0

    If you're a drummer, The Hockey Theme is one of the absolute best investments you can make in the Rock Band Music Store. It's right about a minute long, but in that minute Neil Peart (drummer for Rush, and one of the most acclaimed drummers in rock history) packs in some of the most unique and enjoyable rhythms ever seen in a drum chart. Cymbal rolls, limb independence and just a pinch of double sticking ahoy. There's even a drum solo, though the whole damn thing could be considered as such.  Th...

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    Rock Band 2 Review 0

    Rock Band 2 indeed starts where Rock Band ended. The game where you can become a world renowned drummer, lead guitarist, bassist, or singer has been made better. There are some things that I don't like about the game, but there are too many good things about the game which make me want to play it until I can't drum, strum, or sing again.The graphics are about the same as last time, but I think there is a bit more variety in certain areas. You'll notice that there a couple more places to perform ...

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    Classic Rock 0

    Rock Band 2 is a fun game its similar to the Guitar hero franchise but with drums and a microphone but now World tour and Band hero are out its pretty much all the same but different setlist but it has good songs (Pain Killer, Anyway you want it, the joker ect.) it also has alot of Downlodable songs for you to spend your money on and if you enjoy Guitar hero games or Rock band 1 than you will probobly like RB2, but RB has more classic rock songs....

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    Your The Best, Around..... 0

      Two years ago, Rock Band in its oversized plastic peripheral glory came to past and rocked the very foundations of the music and rhythm game genre, bringing it to a new level. Since it seems like video game law requires a sequel within a year or two, Rock Band 2 rolls out almost a year later (and a month earlier than the other versions.) on the X-Box 360. While the game is the only thing available in mass (some drum kits and guitars were released.) it is clear that Rock Band 2 is less ...

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    a must buy for any Blink 182 fans 0

    Simply these three songs are a blast to play. 2 of them(The Rock Show, Feeling this) are challenging and fun, but also the song "Down" is a nice chilled out song to rock to. If your a fan of Blink or even have a slight fondness for them i definetely reccomend you get this song pack. Besides their are worse ways to spend $5.50...

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    Rock Band 2--Review 0

    This will be a rather short review for me since with any rhythm game, there are only a few aspects that need to be reviewed.Set List The set list in Rock Band 2 is a great improvement over the original.  I never really cared for the original set list in the first Rock Band.  There just didn't seem to be enough variety.  This is definitely not a problem in Rock Band 2.  There are 84 tracks total ranging through every decade of rock's life span.  With such a high level of variety, you should not ...

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    Currently the best music game on the market. 0

     The genre of music games has been a sweeping sensation on the gaming market in the past few years. At the forefront of all this are two battling franchises that center around four-player band play: Guitar Hero and Rock Band. Harmonix, after making a couple Guitar Hero games, gave up on the franchise to start Rock Band, which released in 2007 to huge acclaim and success. Rock Band 2 (RB2) endeavors to be a solid follow-up to the original game that so many gamers have so greatly enjoyed, and it c...

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    Upgrades to an already great game make Rock Band 2 a must buy 0

    The most notable addition to Rock Band 2 is the addition of Xbox Live enabled Band World Tour. Most people missed out on this mode in Rock Band simply because they couldn’t find enough friends locally to play through it. Now you can form a band on Xbox Live and have your buddies join your band and get a step closer to rock immortality.  If you are completely antisocial you can even play the tour by yourself on the instrument of your choice. The mode is laid out very nicely and easy to navigate ...

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    Zeitgeisty 0

    So what is there to say about RB2 that hasn't already been said? To be honest, not much. Rather than recite the formula of winning mechanics and the outstanding integration of game modes / shop in a long time, I thought that the only thing I could possibly add to criticism of the game was an anecdote of sorts.   So, here goes.   Las week, I had several friends through for a night out. RB2 time had already been scheduled into this. Indeed, mics, extra guitars and such were brought down. For such ...

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    This game is alright. 0

    If you liked the 1st one, you will like the second.   The only thing I really don't like about this one is you have to play some areas that require you non-stop play of 5 plus songs in a row.  When you choose songs to play, you have to play the same songs over and over if you aren't careful you could hear a song 3 times in a small amount of time.  The on-line is much improved from part one....and I really don't know why they didn't get the world tour multiplayer right on part one....unless they ...

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    The Best Rhythum Game I've Ever Played 0

    To start off i do not own an X 360, but i have played Rock Band 2 for it, and abosofruititutely LOVE IT! I've tried out all of the instruments (guitar,drums, and the mic). the controls are smooth as a baby's bottom, and are even better and make the game more enjoyable, because they make the notes harder to hit by being smaller. The Songs on this bad boy are awesome (original setlist), as well as the downloadable ones. My Friends and i are huge classic rock fans, as well as modern fans but not as...

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    Iron Maiden Pack 1: HT101s Take 0

    Since it's launch, Rock Band has been putting out DLC packs and single songs.  A few weeks ago though, they brought out the best pack so far in their Iron Maiden Flight 666 song pack that includes 12 songs of theirs.  The main songs of theirs, including Number of the Beast, The Trooper, Iron Maiden and Aces High are there.  One of the best parts, though, is that it includes the master track of Run to the Hills, unlike the track in Rock Band 1 that was a cover.  All of the songs included in the p...

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    Greatest game ever. 0

    Rock Band 2 is the greatest game ever released. Never has a game provided so much selection (500+ songs available, and more released every week) and allowed for so much replay value (four different instruments and four different difficulties for every instrument on every song). The possibilities are endless. It is the perfect party game, and should be a part of everyone's collection....

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    Improvements make a great game greater 0

    The original Rock Band was one of the highlights of last year, with its inclusion of the Drum and the mic instrauments to create a music game expirence like no other. But as much as we loved Rock Band we could not help to notice its flaws, lack of online world tour, poor bass charts and its lack of real online features. But iam happy to say that these flaws have been fixed and some great new features added. Firstly the setlist has been made up of some cracking songs including classics like the F...

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    Why are you reading this and not playing? 0

    Imagine all the small, picky problems you had with the first intallment, fix those, then add more badass tracks, and you have Rock Band 2.  After importing my songs from the first game, it now takes nearly 5 minutes each time a I create my own setlist.  The scary part is I haven't unlocked all the songs yet.  Harmonix, sitting on their pile of money that escalates with every microtransaction performed every second on the Xbox marketplace, has done it again....

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    Livin' On A Prayer! 0

    Rock Band 2 is the sequel to the highly popularized music rhythm game by Harmonix. The game is clad with fake musical instruments; a guitar, a drum set and a microphone. What Rock Band 2 does isn’t so much a true different take on the first Rock Band, but more just fixes some of the issues the first one had and does so in a surprisingly ‘well worth you money’ way. Rock Band 2 is a music rhythm game that focuses around making you and your friends an imaginary band. By having fake instruments to b...

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    A port equal to its brothers; the Wii's definitive rhythm game 0

     Rocking out in your living rooms has become an activity which is made available on a yearly basis. Rock Band 2 is the latest in a long line of titles that spawned from the original Guitar Hero which sparked and revitalized rhythm game interest in North America and in Europe. Starting with initially strictly guitar based gameplay, soon the games opened up to bass and then with the original Rock Band there came drums as well as vocals. The problem with the original Rock Band on the Wii is that it...

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    Ultimate Party Game 0

    GameplayRock Band 2 is the sequel to the first music game to allow you to play guitar, bass and drums as well as sing. Gameplay follow a tried and tested formula.For the percussion/rhythm instruments: As notes scroll down the screen towards you you either hold the corresponding note(s) and strum the strum bar on the guitar or hit the correct drum(s) if playing the drum part (my personal favourite)For Vocals: Your need to sing along with the song and try and match your pitch with the vocal part a...

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    Second Verse Much Better then the First 0

    From an outside perspective, Rock Band 2 looks exactly the same as the first game. But once you play it, you’ll see the mechanics are much different and you can never judge a band by its cover song. Rock Band 2 is obviously the sequel to the successful Rock Band created by Harmonix who first created Guitar Hero but wanted to expand to more then just guitars so they created Rock Band. The gameplay of Rock Band 2 is exactly the same as the first. You have singing, guitars, and drums and you can p...

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    Let the Cash Grab continue! 0

    My experience with Rock Band 2 is similar to eating a carrot, then eating a carrot dipped in ranch dressing. It's more of the same, only it tastes better and I'm more likely to eat another one. Here's the deal: Rock Band 2 is very well done. Harmonix has perfected the science of "rhythm games", and I'm sure we haven't seen the last installment from them. But after spending another $60, I was expecting a little more out of the Gameplay. It's basically the same game, although the set up and menu s...

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    Rock Band 2 gets liquor-proof. 0

    Rock Band 2 : A rhythm game where you and up to 3 others manipulate plastic toy controllers to match the colours scrolling down the screen in unison all the while imagining you’re part of Journey.Story : The storyline of the game I guess would be the “Band World Tour”. You create a band and its members, and work your way from playing small venues to stadium sellouts and fame and fortune. Well that’s what the game tells you at least, at the end of the day, it’s a glorified repackaging of the norm...

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    Let There Be Rock!!! 0

    Note: I don't have the new instruments as I am only reviewing the game, so check elsewhere for thoughts of the new Stratocaster and Drum Kit.Last year's Rock Band took the rhythm game to a whole new level. Harmonix, the originators of Guitar Hero and Frequency, managed to top themselves of making a full band experience that satisfies both hardcore and casual players with a balanced soundtrack based on difficulty while keeping it a challenge for genre veterans. Rock Band also had long legs with w...

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    So you want a revolution? 0

     Late and out of date, here's my review of possibly the biggest music game ever.  The original Rock Band was nothing short of fantastic, but it had some apparent hardware  - and software - issues that needed to be addressed.  Needless to say, RB2 has fixed most of those issues.   Rock Band 2 has the same formula of the last iteration for instruments. There's the Lead Guitar, Bass Guitar, Drums, and Vocals. Up to four friends, online or offline, can simultaneously play a song. Of course, you have...

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    Rock Band 1.5 0

    It isn’t very often in the world of media that a sequel to an existing title is better than the original. There are many examples of this, such as “Perfect Dark: Zero,” “The Matrix: Reloaded,” and countless other film and game releases. I’m here to tell you that Rock Band 2 does not fall into this category, but neither does it fall into the category of complete improvement over its predecessor (Call of Duty 4 comes to mind). If you don’t know about what “Rock Band” is by now, then you’ve probabl...

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    It's a nice day to start again 0

    What can be said about Rock Band 2 that was not already stated in the first?  Essentially, none of the core gameplay mechanics, the quality of the sound design, nor have the graphics made any amazing leaps forward.  However, a few key inclusions to the overall gameplay package have made Rock Band 2 not only better than the first, but as darn near perfect as a rhythm game can get.So, everyone should understand how Rock Band works by now, and if you understand that, nothing has changed in Rock Ban...

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    Still rockin' after all these years. 0

    The first Rock Band game was a culmination of everything Harmonix had learned over the course of creating Guitar Hero. It was at this point that the guitar-based rhythm game had truly evolved. Now, one year and hundreds of DLC songs later, Rock Band 2 does its best to keep this IP at the top of the rock game food chain. At first glance, Rock Band 2 seemed totally moot, taking into account all the new songs that had been released weekly up to that point. But, this is more than just 80 new songs. ...

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