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    Rock Band 2

    Game » consists of 7 releases. Released Sep 14, 2008

    Harmonix, MTV Games, and EA return with the sequel to Rock Band. Rock Band 2 ships with 84 on-disc songs, 20 free downloadable songs, compatibility with all DLC, and the ability to import most songs from the first Rock Band.

    simpsonfan's Rock Band 2 (PlayStation 3) review

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    Activision Will never be able to compare to a Game Like This.

    After the success of Rock Band, it was obvious a sequel would arise, and now over a year later we now have this game in our hand's and oh boy is it great.

    First thing's First, this game isn't innovative over the 1st but is the same concept but with a whole lot more feature's. The game feature's a Tour Mode unlike the single player Tour from Rock Band but like it's Band Multiplayer Mode. Cool thing about this is, it add's alot more fun and length to the game aswell as actual story.

    At any time during this you can play alone or with a friend and you no longer pick your difficulty as your "Tour" mode but now pick it before a song which is really fun when you have a Friend who stop's over.

    As i said before, this is the finest Rythem based game. One reason of that is its soundtrack which is near gold over any other game. It has something for any Rock Fan. If You Like Fast Metal, there's the great "Battery" by Metallica, "Chop Suey" by System of a Down, "Peace Sell's" By Megadeth, "Down With The Sickness" by Disturbed and "Almost Easy" By Avenged Sevenfold just to name a few of the great song's.

    Classic fan's get such great act's as Rush and Cheap Trick and even the dying to have in a game, AC/DC (which is Freakin' Awesome). The Chart's for the song's are very accurate to the real thing's (as I play Real Instrument's) and are the best charted in any Game of it's kind.

    During your Tour, you unlock Buses, Van's, and Jet's and also unlock chances to Hire Staff member's and play special Gig's like Benefit Show's (which convert to Trophies for those PS3 Tropy Whore's out there). This makes you feel like a Rock Band Raising up to your fame which is something Guitar Hero doesn't do that well now.

    Now I have Re-Bought the Rock Band 2 instrument's and since this is a review, I will do a Complete Up and Down Review on anything Rock Band 2 by reviewing the Instrument's.

    Drum's: Much Much Much Improved over the 2007 version of the drum's. They are far more responsive than the 1st game (coming from someone who has modded his old one's). The Re-bound on these drum's are great and the Pad's make far less noise which won't result in pissed off family member's no more!

    Guitar: Basically, a updated Guitar from last year, with a sleak wood design and a much better Strummer, that is less Squishy.

    Mic: So far to me, it seems to be the same mic packaged in last year's release. So, it is still a good Microphone for you singer's out there.

    Therefore, this is the best Rythem game till Rock Band 3 or GH: Metallica (Why can't it be RB: Metallica!). This should be picked up by any fan of it's genre or someone jsut trying to have some fun with themselves or their friend's.

    5/5: Must Buy!

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