contemplating picking up the keyboard?

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Alright, so the Rock Band bug has bit me again recently after playing the demo of Blitz. Long story short, when I recently moved this past year, I left my RB3 disk in the 360 and it cracked.

I need to pick up a new disk, and was going to do so just at gamestop or something along those lines. However, I recently saw that Amazon still has the bundle for $50. I have some store credit, so it would only cost me about $20.

Is the keyboard worthy of picking up for some solo play? I'm a drummer and have always been big into play those, but am wondering if the keyboard is a nice distraction. If I'm not mistaken, it can also play the guitar part correct?

Thoughts on the keyboard?

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Keyboard is another instrument? It's worth it if you plan on playing pro mode. Otherwise the songs with keyboard support are few, often feature the keyboard only for brief sections of the song, and typically have a very straightforward (boring) part. It's true you can use it to play guitar but you're betting off just using a guitar in that case.

Pro Keys? Yes
Standard Keys? No

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If you're OK with never being good at it, then sure, pick it up. As someone who can play everything else on Expert (not including super redonkulous stuff), I was never able to grasp pro-keys in the same way. And yeah, regular keys is a boring waste of time.

I'm not saying it's not fun, but just expect to play on Medium for a while. Or potentially forever, if you're like me.

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