Rock Band 3

    Game » consists of 14 releases. Released Oct 26, 2010

    Rock Band 3 spices up the brand with the addition of a keyboard peripheral as well as "Pro Mode," and offers eighty-three new songs to rock out to.

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    Start A Band; Rock The World 7

    Music video games, for me, have always been about experiencing music in new and interesting ways. The Rock Band franchise has allowed that possibility over the past several years. I can honestly attribute most of my more recent musical obsessions to the fine folks at Harmonix and the delightfully eclectic setlists that they’ve pieced together in their time. Rock Band 3 has again taken music gaming to a whole new level. They’ve crafted what is not just a music video game, but a marvelous musical ...

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    A Hardcore Look at Rock Band 3 3

    Instruments: Drums/Guitar/Keyboard/Pro Keyboard Difficulties: Expert/Expert/Expert/Medium-Expert  Spades are accumulated through Road Challenges and go towards Career Goals. 'Tis the season to play rhythm games and my year of exploding gems on a highway comes to an end on Rock Band 3.  I am very impressed with what RB3 does right.  The system of goals, fans, and complete UI structure overhaul make the surrounding parts of the game feel totally new, and the addition of Pro modes makes the gam...

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    XBOX 360 Review: Rock Band 3 0

    Developer Harmonix has long been the standard bearer for the music genre of games. Since the release of Guitar Hero, which they developed in conjunction with Red Octane, Harmonix has blazed the trail that all other developers have followed. Recently though the music genre has been a bit stale. While titles like DJ Hero have certainly done something different with the niche, the two main franchises, Guitar Hero and Rock Band, have been floundering a bit. Something new and revolutionary needs to c...

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    GREAT 0

    Rock band 3 might be my favorite rhythm game of all time. because of how fun it is to play.The games soundtrack is the best i have seen in any other rhythm game. Trust me i have played a lot of rhythm games in my life. the look of the game is great. And the games character creator is also great has well, and the game is just fun to play. Like i said the games soundtrack is great,and quite possibly the best soundtrack out of any rhythm game i have played.The menus are the best they have ever been...

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    Rock Band 3 Review 0

    Ever the innovator in the rhythm game genre, Harmonix- the folks behind Frequency, Amplitude, the original Guitar Hero titles and, of course, the Rock Band franchise- are back with their biggest and boldest title yet. But with the genre in steep decline, it’s entirely possible that Rock Band 3 will be Harmonix’s swan song. If that’s true, at least they’re going out with a hell of a bang.The biggest step forward in plastic living room rock since the original Rock Band, the third main title in the...

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    The Ultimate Rock Band 0

       I gotta be honest the first two RB's never really wowed me. Both the lack of music variety and general novelty would wear off pretty soon. So I wasn't particularly thrilled about the prospect of a new entry, but the sheer polish, variety, and customization gave my attitude a total 180. And it makes it that much worse that the greatest Rock Band experience comes in a time where the rhythm genre has bottomed out and most will never give it a chance.      Unlike Activision, Harmonix seems to und...

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    Harmonix drop the ball a bit... 0

    Here it is. The big one. Rock Band 3 arrived on our shores on the 27th October and I preordered it to come with the new keyboard controller. Now I’ve been excited about this for a long time as I’m a classically trained pianist so I was so looking forward to using the skills I’ve learnt from a young age in order to improve my game playing. Now having conquered the majority of Rock Band 2, this was always going to be high on my wishlist, so imagine my disappointment when decide to d...

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