"Return Fire" influence on "Rock of Ages"?

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Just realize this while watching last week's TNT then played some Rock of Ages:

  • Both are 2 player-based competitive game.
  • Both are about destroying opponent's castle/base, anything on the path are just obstacles (Return Fire use Capture The Flag as players are on the same map, Rock of Ages added Tower Defense bit as players are on each other's map).
  • One playsMessiah: Hallelujah Chorusby Handel when you burn the base, the otherplays(Dies Irae) Requiem Mass in D minor by Mozart when you smash the castle's gate.

See it for yourself:


after 55:00 mark


after 20:00 mark

Nice to see some of the great 3DO spirits are carried forward :)


Not really game related, but Handel described himself seeing heaven upon completion of Hallelujah Chorus, while Mozart died during the composition of Requiem.

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At least destroying the buildings in Rock of Ages gives you more money, though ultimately you should avoid most buildings since hitting them just weakens your boulder. In Return Fire, there is literally no point in destroying buildings other than the guard towers/bunkers that fire at you. That's mostly irrelevant to your point, but I wanted to complain about it anyway.

Though I wonder if the choice of music was for different reasons. Rock of Ages takes place during various eras of antiquity, so the tracks make a certain amount of sense. Mozart or Wagner is the closest thing to "music that sounds like it is super old", since Gregorian chants would get pretty boring. But with Return Fire, the classical music seemed a little out of place, and I'm more inclined to think they used it because it allowed them to cut corners and not have to pay a music composer. The only time classical music seems to get played in association with modern military fiction is when it makes you feel sad about the atrocities of war, Platoon-style.

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