Rocksmith 2014

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    The second edition of Rocksmith from Ubisoft features a new soundtrack, enhancements to the user interface, and a slew of new games and lessons aimed at helping learn how to play the guitar.

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    Everything that was wrong is now gone

    So, first off I'm someone who bought the original Rocksmith a couple years ago. I thought "This is great, I'm gonna learn to play again and finally be doing something I enjoy!" Well, it didn't work out that way. I got the game, enjoyed Rocksmith for awhile, until reality set in. Reality was that it was taking a long time for menus to load, and when I finished a song I had to go back through the whole tuning etc. to get back to the song. This took me so far out of the game that I didn't use it much.

    Things have changed now. Gone are the load times and tunings. You usually tune once and you're good for the rest of the game unless a song requires a change. And the best part of all, the riff repeater. It can be set to play back sections or entire songs at any speed and difficulty that you want. So it took what was once a frustrating experience into a fun experience, or at least a fun learning experience. You can sit in a song and keep practicing every piece you want, over and over, till you're bored.. I've played more now in the past week than I did on the original Rocksmith in total. It makes it much more fun and easy to just sit and play and repeat the areas you're having issues with. If you're someone who has a guitar or is really wanting to learn to play then pick this up. Eventually you'll need a teacher or some kind of instruction but I think this game will get you into it enough to figure out how far you want to go with it...

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