Can I use my StealthPlug?

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Hi all, I'm considering getting this game on Steam today but do I need the official cable or would any USB interface do? I have a StealthPlug that has been collecting dust in my underwear drawer for a while that I could use a breath of fresh air. Has anyone tried it, or a similar product, with the game?


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From what I recall you just need a cable with a regular guitar plug (whatever you call those) on one end and with an USB plug on the other. I'm pretty sure you'll find an answer to this in the Quick Look.

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Only the RealTone Cable.

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the realtone cable is the only way to go I think. I couldn't find mine the other day and just plugged in a usb to guitar jack cable to the xbox and it didn't work. Whether that will be an issue on the pc or not I don't know

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There is a demo on steam that you can try it on, just in case.

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