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Hey Folks,

Im thinking about getting my little brother rocksmith. he s already great on acoustic guitar, wants to play a bit of electric too - but i dont have the time to teach him both + i ll not be able to to teach him at all in the near future. problem is: my moms laptop is kinda crappy and, if any of you have experience with the pc version (is that even out yet? still confused with the different versions), hows that effect the game? If it does meet the minimal requirements - supposedly around 2.2Ghz dual core, 2gb ram and 256mb grafic with directX 9 - will it play just fine? how does a lower performing pc actually affect the game?! If the core of the game works 'worse' or more laggy its basically nonsense to get I suppose.

Thanks a lot,


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The PC version isn't quite out yet, it comes out October 16. The developers claim that any computer that is 2 to 3 years will be able to run Rocksmith, my experience with minimum specs aren't too positive. I'm sure that's even worse for a timing based game like Rocksmith. You might just want to wait until it's released and hear about how it runs on older machines.

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Here are the System Requirements for PC:

OPERATING SYSTEM: Windows Vista, Windows 7
PROCESSOR: Intel Core 2 Duo E4400 2.00 Ghz @ or AMD Athlon 64 3800 + @ 2.0 Ghz
RAM: 2 GB • Video Card: 256 MB DirectX 9 / GeForce 8600 GT or Radeon HD 2600 XT (see list of supported cards *)
SOUND CARD: DirectX 9 Compatible
HDD: 10 GB
NVIDIA ® GeForce ® GeForce8600GT or better / GeForce9 / GeForce GT200 / GeForce GT400 / GeForce GT500 / GeForce GT600
AMD ® Radeon ® HD2600XT or better / HD3000 / HD4000 / HD5000 series / HD6000 series / HD7000 series

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