Rockstar Games presents Table Tennis

    Game » consists of 11 releases. Released May 23, 2006

    A ping pong game from the creators of Grand Theft Auto and Manhunt. It doesn't contain sex, violence or any sort of controversy. What it does contain though is a really good ping pong game.

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    A great time killer!

    Well, what do you want to know about this game that isn't already common sense..? The gameplay is great, and if you have no idea how to play it even comes with a 'training' feature. The presentation is good (basically what you'd expect on a ping pong game) but would be great if they had a personalization feature. That is really the only thing that makes this game NOT get a total of five stars. I bought this game for five bucks, and trust me; I'm getting my money's worth. I wouldn't suggest spending over twenty bucks on it, but anything under grab this one to add to your collection!

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      A fresh game with surprising depth. 0

          Rockstar has now taken a new approach from their previous games, such as the Grand Theft Auto series, and has now created a table tennis videogame. This ping pong simulation has surprising depth, and is $40 at retail. Table Tennis may not appeal to many, but you have to give this one a shot.    The graphics are stunning, some of the best on the Xbox 360 to date. The player's faces look great, and their expressions change throughout the game. Eventually, you will see sweat come through your p...

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