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    Rodcet Nife

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    Rodcet Nife is a god in the EverQuest franchise. He is known as The Prime Healer and is the god of life and health.

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    Rodcet Nife
    Rodcet Nife

    The Prime Healer's origin is an often disputed tale. One such story talks of a race of people known as the Jalraeth who lived in the southwest regions of Tunaria. These people were devoted to acquiring knowledge and understanding the world. The Jalraeth were immortal, yet obsessed with death. They would kill any who trespassed within their lands, simply to study the corpse. One of these people rebelled, and began devising ways of healing and curing the diseases of mortals. This one Jalraeth was Rodcet Nife. The people of western Tunaria saw him as a hero and built a temple in his honor. Not everyone agrees with this story. Others believe Rodcet Nife descended from the sky in a strange flying disc. Though the people were frightened at first, the alien being taught them the ways of healing and resurrection. He was quickly regarded as a god. Whatever Rodcet Nife's true origin is, he is definintely on the side of good among the pantheon.


    Rodcet Nife's faithful all accept an oath to battle disease and death until succumbing to either. They are very kind to others and live a life of simplicity. One should not mistake them for being pacifists though, for they do not only seek to cure disease and illness, but explore the world searching intensely to for the root of these plagues. Human and Half Elven priests and mystics from western Antonica are the largest contingent of Rodcet's faithful. It is their belief that the evils of the universe shall one day be expunged and the looming darkness of death never be seen again.

    During the Age of Turmoil, a temple was built in honor of Rodcet Nife in the Human city of Qeynos.


    In most lore, Rodcet Nife is depicted as a lanky, other-worldly creature with pale blue skin. He commonly wears a simple, short robe and sandals. His hands have only three fingers each.

    Among the Pantheon

    Though no mortals have ever witnessed it, Rodcet Nife makes his home in the Plane of Health, which is said to consist of many pristine, marble buildings and dozens of iron golems that carry out the Prime Healer's will. He is allied with Karana, Quellious, Erollisi Marr, and Prexus. The Prime Healer's only true enemy is Bertoxxulous, the Plaguebringer. Rodcet Nife is one of several gods who have returned to Norrath during the Age of Destiny.


    The koalindl fish are considered sacred among the priests and knights of the Temple of Life in Qeynos. These fish inhabit the pond that the temple hovers above. Those attempting to complete the legendary Stein of Moggok are tasked with killing these fish. Sometimes, Rodcet Nife will become angry enough to appear as one of the koalindl and crush unsuspecting poachers.


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