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    Ray Bulgarin is Niko Bellic's former employer and nemesis who is looking to have him eliminated for something he didn't do. He is also the main antagonist of the Ballad of Gay Tony and an enemy of it's protagonist and deuteragonist Luis Lopez and Gay Tony.

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    Rodislav Bulgarin is a character in Grand Theft Auto IV who Niko Bellic has worked for before. He is said to live in the Mediterranean, in the Adriatic, but moved to America to find Niko after Dimitri Rascalov tipped him off.  He was the leading man in a smuggling operation in the Adriatic in which Niko Bellic worked in under the title as a “Merchant Sailor”, This was the lie was which Niko told his friends and family. Niko was employed for Bulgarin for quite a few years. His job was to smuggle people into Italy from Eastern Europe, he was also used to murder people who got in Bulgarin’s way. One smuggling operation which Niko was spearheading and supervising was intercepted by the police and then forced to flee the ship swimming for his life. The ship was taken as evidence by the police and Bulgarin felt that it was Niko’s fault. He then held a grudge and wanted compensation for his losses which Niko was not able to pay, which forced Niko to relocate to America.

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    Rodislav Bulgarin
    Rodislav Bulgarin
    Later Bulgarin left to go to America to lie low to evade the authorities after also being tipped off by Dimitri. Once he reached America he entered a partnership with Dimitri Rascalov and found Niko through a set up planned by Dimitri after killing Mikhail Faustin. Offering Niko to Bulgarin was a “gift” to make there partnership stronger and make their friendship and trust build. Bulgarin alongside with Dimitri also kidnapped Roman Bellic during one of his card games and took him to a warehouse in southwest Bohan but Niko managed to rescue Roman and escape back to their home. The last appearance of Bulgarin is in the mission “Diamonds are a Girl’s Best Friend”. In that mission he tries to take the diamonds for himself and brings basically a personal army with him, but ends up not getting the diamonds and Niko is not killed. Bulgarin does not make an appearance again in the game, but when searched in the police database at the end of the game he is listed as dead, no indication of the cause is listed however. The diamonds are eventually found by Jerry Kapowitz as documented in the in game's fictitious internet. 


    • Going Deep
    • Dropping In
    • In The Crosshairs

    Other Mission Appearances

    Grand Theft Auto IV

    • Russian Revolution
    • Diamonds Are a Girl's Best Friend

    The Ballad of Gay Tony

    • Boulevard Baby 
    • Departure Time


    • Rodislav Bulgarin is voiced by Vitali Baganov


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