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Rodrigo is a prison officer who works for the Umbrella Corporation on Rockfort Island. Rodrigo was initially drafted into Umbrella by lack of choice, as they invaded and destroyed his village. After he, his parents and all of the villagers were forced off of the Island, he joined Umbrella and eventually reached the rank of Commanding Prison Officer.

Resident Evil: Code: Veronica

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Rodrigo is first introduced via the opening CGI cutscene; after Claire Redfield infiltrated an Umbrella facility on Rockfort Island looking for her brother Chris Redfield, and managing to elude a lot of the security, she is forced at gun-point by Rodrigo to surrender and is taken prisoner. Once Albert Wesker and his team attack the Island, a great deal of virus stock is released causing another zombie outbreak. Rodrigo, himself wounded, saw it fit to release Claire since he thinks that she'll probably die anyway.

Claire can eventually find some medicine and may bring it back to Rodrigo if the player chooses to. If so, Rodrigo thanks Claire and gives her his lock pick. She also leaves him with her lighter, which was given to her by Chris.

Once Chris Redfield himself arrives on the Island to save his sister, Rodrigo is the first character he encounters. He explains that Claire has already left the Island for the Antarctica base. Should the player have given Rodrigo medicine and the lighter as Claire, Rodrigo will pass on the lighter back to Chris. Either way, Rodrigo is quickly swallowed whole by a giant worm. Chris manages to kill it, forcing the worm to cough up the barely alive Rodrigo who dies shortly after.

Cancelled Side Story

During development, Code: Veronica was originally intended to feature a short side-story starring Rodrigo Juan Raval during his time growing up in the village. This was instead replaced by the Battle Game mini-game in the full release.


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