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    Roger Jr.

    Character » appears in 8 games

    A kangaroo-fighter in the Tekken series. He first appeared in Tekken 5

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    Roger Jr. is the offspring of Mr. & Mrs. Roger. He enters the King of Iron Fist Tournament 5 to look for Mr. Roger who had been missing. After all their perseverance, they had finally found him indulging himself in a carefree life of elegance without an ounce of family responsibility on his mind. Disgusted with what had become of her husband, Mrs. Roger divorced him right then and there.

    [The former] Mrs. Roger and Roger Jr. had become members to a fatherless home, and times were tough. Just then, an announcement about the King of Iron Fist Tournament 6 was made, and so for the purpose of living a rich and stable life for themselves, The former Mrs. Roger and Roger Jr. decided to take part in the tournament once again. 


    Tekken 5:  Roger Jr. has successfully infiltrated Doctor Boskonovitch's lab. He sees a picture of himself and Roger playing lying on the ground. Across from that picture is a barred door with the words "No unauthorized entry." Roger Jr. kicks open the door only to find a comfortably decorated room. Roger is shown sitting on the couch watching TV and sipping a drink through a crazy straw. Roger Jr. angrily looks at his father who is now nervous. Infuriated, Roger Jr. punches Roger into the ceiling, and then steps on the picture of him and his father.

    Tekken 6:  Roger Jr. and his parents become stars of the comedy show of The Kangaroo Family. Roger was proud his son became an expert on fighting. His wife then showed pictures of him and his female fans, angering her. She then punches her husband through the roof out of pure anger because he was a playboy. This all left Roger Jr. in shock.    


    • All of Roger Jr.'s animations that are shown before and after a fight are identical to King's. However, in Tekken 5 Dark Resurrection, Roger Jr. has a new win animation that King doesn't have. This win animation shows Roger Jr.'s mother jumping once, spinning around, and raising both of her arms.
    • Although the colors of their gloves in Tekken 5: Dark Resurrection are blue (Roger Jr.'s mother) and red (Roger Jr.), their Tekken 5: Dark Resurrection CG art still shows them wearing red gloves (Roger Jr.'s mother) and yellow gloves (Roger Jr.), like in their Tekken 5 CG art and their default Tekken 5 Player One (Square or Triangle) costume. The situation is similar in Tekken 6, where the colors of their gloves are red (Roger Jr.'s mother) and blue (Roger Jr.), but their Tekken 6 CG art image shows them wearing red gloves (Roger Jr.'s mother) and yellow gloves (Roger Jr.), again, like in their Tekken 5 CG art and their default Tekken 5 Player One (Square or Triangle) costume.
    • Roger Jr. and his mother are transgenic military kangaroos that were created after the other two military animals, Roger and Alex, were created.  

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