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    Rogue Shooter: The FPS Roguelike

    Game » consists of 0 releases. Released Apr 24, 2014

    Rogue Shooter: The FPS Roguelike is a first-person shooter with roguelike mechanics, making this the most utilitarian game title of all time.

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    In the style of roguelikes, the player chooses a type of character. He or she then descends into corridor filled levels reminiscent of doom. Each level requires the player to kill 50% of the enemies, at least. At 50%, the door to the next floor unlocks. However, when all enemies are cleared, the player can opt to simply exit the floor from anywhere in the level in the inventory menu. After every third floor there is a safe room where the player can stock up on ammo, health, tools, rations, or pick up a gun/armor. If the player does not have a gadget box, they can use the work bench to repair their armor and weapons. Every tenth level the player encounters a boss. On boss levels, once the player has eliminated the boss, all other enemies are eliminated and the level is cleared.

    The player can occasionally find hack-able items. This minigame involves destroying 7 chips without being hit by the red enemies that fly across the screen and one enemy that follows the player. If the player successfully completes this minigame, they are rewarded with credits.

    Player Backgrounds


    • Machine Gun
    • Helmet
    • Boots
    • 15 Frag Grenades
    • 250 Bullets
    • 10 rations


    • Pistol
    • Dissection Tools
    • Catalyst
    • Circuitry
    • 200 Bullets
    • 15 Rations
    • 5 Tools


    • Boots
    • 3 Combat Stims
    • 5 Rations

    Inventor (Unlocks at 400 Intel)

    • Shotgun Trident
    • Quicksand Gun
    • Dog Launcher
    • Shotgun Flail
    • 30 Shells
    • 10 Rations

    Grease Monkey (Unlocks at 800 Intel)

    • Minigun
    • Visor
    • Gadget Box
    • 15 Defense Turrets
    • 150 Bullets
    • 10 Rations
    • 15 Tools

    Ninja (Unlocks at 1200 Intel)

    • Katana
    • Cloaking Device
    • Phasing Device
    • 10 Rations

    Lawman (Unlocks at 1600 Intel)

    • Pump Shotgun
    • Pistol
    • Vest
    • 150 Bullets
    • 50 Shells
    • 10 Rations

    Tourist (Unlocks at 2000 Intel)

    • Camera
    • Hawaiian Shirt
    • Boots
    • 15 Rations
    • 100 Credits

    Smuggler (Unlocks at 2400 Intel)

    • Submachine Guns
    • Lots O' Stims
    • 300 Bullets
    • 10 Rations
    • 100 Credits

    Medic (Unlocks at 2800 Intel)

    • Revolver
    • Dissection Tools
    • 3 Medkits
    • 125 AP Ammo
    • 10 Rations

    Explorer (Unlocks at 3200 Intel)

    • Lever Action Rifle
    • Cap
    • Vest
    • Waistband
    • Torch
    • 75AP Ammo
    • 20 Rations

    Powder Monkey (Unlocks at 3600 Intel)

    • Grenade Launcher
    • Rocket Launcher
    • Gas Mask
    • 10 Proximity Mines
    • 50 Explosive Rounds
    • 10 Rations

    Hacker (Unlocks at 4000 Intel)

    • Plasma Rifle
    • Overclocked Console
    • 10 Decoy Devices
    • 200 Energy Cells
    • 10 Rations
    • 100 Credits

    * - denotes 2 or more starting perk points. All others start with 1.


    Note: The first two perks of each category are unlocked at the beginning. Each successive tier is unlocked at a certain intel milestone.


    • Fast Fingers: Faster Reloading
    • Double Up: Faster Weapon Switch
    • Sharpshooter: 10% chance to crit for double damage
    • Gladiator: Melee weapons and kicks have 25% chance to crit for double damage
    • Black Belt: Kicks stun enemies for longer


    • Strong Back: Gives four more inventory slots
    • Unbreakable: Confers 15% more health to the player permanently
    • Safety Dance: Your own explosions won't cause the player damage
    • Immunity: Poison immunity. Also, removes negative effects from Mystery Stims
    • Calorie Counter: Player consumes fewer rations per level than normal. The player also gains roughly 5% health every time they pick up rations.


    • Scientific Method: Crafting yields better results
    • Mr. Fix-it: 10% bonus to repairing items
    • Cyberpunk: Confers an extra life to the hacking minigame
    • Academic: Intel collected is increased
    • Sawbones: Medkits recover 15% more health and the rate is faster


    • Range Upgrade: Increases Radar's range
    • Perception Check: Reveals secret areas on the map (stacks with Overclocked Console)
    • Clear Signal: Cancels out Interference on certain levels
    • Greed is Good: Player finds more credits than normal
    • Bullet Binge: Player finds more ammo than normal

    Permanent Upgrades

    The player can also use upgrade points (1 UP per intel gathered) can be used to permanently increase certain stats. The stats that can be buffed include: starting health, damage, and inventory slots (to a maximum of 6 bonus slots). Each upgrade costs 100 points to the next level.

    Crafting Table

    These must be unlocked at various Intel milestones.

    Heavy-MatterAegis DeviceFrag GrenadeMental StimAbsorption Stim
    Red-MatterPhasing DeviceIncendiary GrenadeHealth StimCombat Stim
    Dark-MatterCloaking DeviceStun GrenadeVigilance StimSpeed Stim
    Anti-MatterDecoy DeviceCripple GrenadeDiet StimVigor Stim

    Other Crafting Recipes:

    These recipes are not specified in the science table.

    • Anti-Matter + Heavy Matter = AP Ammo
    • Dark Matter + Heavy Matter = Energy Cells
    • Red Matter + Heavy Matter = Shells



    • Frag - Standard explosive grenade. Damage scales with player level. Several second delay to detonation
    • Incendiary - A grenade that erupts in flame, and causes fire damage. Instant detonation.
    • Stun - A grenade that stuns nearby enemies, rendering them immobile for several seconds. Instant detonation.
    • Cripple - A grenade that weakens enemies, allowing the player to deal more damage to them. Instant detonation
    • Proximity Mine: Thrown mine that detonates when an enemy is nearby


    • Overclocked Console: Grants an extra life in the hacking minigame. (having multiple in inventory does not stack).
    • Dissection Tools: Organic corpses, when walked over, will be converted to 1 intel.
    • Gadget Box: Allows the player to repair weapons/armor without a workbench.


    • Decoy Device: Creates a decoy that moves away from the player. Enemies will follow and attack it.
    • Defense Turret: Steam powered turret. When laid down it will fire at enemies until it runs out of steam. It has a high rate of fire, but low damage (damage does scale with player level).

    Ammo Types and Associated Guns

    • Bullets: Minigun, Machine Gun, Submachine Guns, Semi-auto Pistol
    • AP Ammo: Revolver, Lever Action Rifle, Charge Rifle
    • Shells: Double Barreled Shotgun, Pump Shotgun, Auto Shotgun, Shotgun Flail, Shotgun Trident
    • Energy Cells: Lightning Gun, Plasma Spread Shot, Thor's Hammer
    • Explosive Rounds: Rocket Launcher, Grenade Launcher, Nuke Launcher


    • Camera (special Ammo): When fired, it stuns nearby enemies in focus for several seconds. Holds 100 charges
    • Machine Gun (Bullets): Standard machine gun. Has 40 bullets in a clip. medium fire speed, low damage
    • Submachine Guns (Bullets): a pair of submachine guns. Holds 50 bullets total in clips. high rate of fire, low damage
    • Minigun (Bullets): Takes several seconds to spool up. Holds 100 bullets. very high rate of fire, medium damage
    • Lightning Gun (Energy Cells): shoots lightning out in a wide short area in front of the player. Holds 25 ammo. very high rate of fire, high damage
    • Shotgun Flail (Shells): acts as a melee weapon and shotgun. Player spins it around his head and fires a shot. Slow rate of fire, High damage
    • Dog Launcher (special ammo): Launches a puppy at the enemy. 25 total puppies. Medium rate of fire, high damage
    • Quicksand Gun (special ammo): launches a ball of quicksand that will suck enemies in. Medium rate of fire, high damage
    • Shotgun Trident (shells): A thrusting shotgun. Holds 4 shells per clip. Low rate of fire, High damage
    • Pistol (Bullets): Standard semi-automatic pistol. Holds 12 bullets per clip. Medium rate of fire, medium damage
    • Pump Shotgun (Shells): A pump shotgun, has higher range than a shotgun should. Holds 8 shells. Medium rate of fire, medium damage
    • Plasma Rifle (Energy Cells): An automatic rifle that shoots energy orbs. The orbs take slight time to travel to target. Holds 25 cells per clip. Medium rate of fire, medium damage
    • Grenade Launcher (Explosive Rounds): fires an explosive grenade that explodes on impact. Holds 6 grenades. Medium rate of fire, high damage, small blast radius
    • Rocket Launcher (Explosive Rounds): fires a rocket that explodes on impact. Holds 4 rockets. Medium rate of fire, high damage, medium blast radius

    Special Weapon Properties

    • Overwhelming: Causes enemies to be stunned by shots
    • Fragile: Weapon loses durability faster
    • Quick-loading: Weapon reloads faster than normal


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