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    Rohan Online: Blood Feud

    Game » consists of 0 releases. Released May 28, 2008

    International version of a Korean MMORPG which was released into public beta on May 28, 2008. It uses a cash shop system, and it's key selling points include township battles and its unique PvP system.

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    Rohan: Blood Feud is a mmorpg.  The game is a rich and expansive persistent online world, set on the continent of Rohan.  The game is full of quests to do, from simple to glorious.  An abundance of unique game features have been implemented to keep players on the edge of their seats.  Some features available to the player are:
    • Revenge - Players who have been slain in -game by another will have their killers automatically recorded on their "Hit List".  Once resurrected, the slain can teleport to their killers for a chance at revenge.
    • Township Battles - In-game groups - called 'guilds' - have the opportunity to rule each town within Rohan.  Other guilds may wage civil war with the ruling guild, with the chance to gain control of their own.  In addition to treasure & riches, the right to tax all commercial exchanges within the town for one week goes to the winner.
    • Buy & Sell Safely - There are several ways in which players can buy and sell goods within the game, including a website specially designed for player-to-player transactions.


    There are six different races in Rohan. These include Humans, Elves and other variations of the two.  All the character models in the game are based on the human form but with different skin tones, hair cuts, and facial features to seperate them from one another. Each race starts as a specific class (Humans start as Knights, Elves start as Healers, etc.). After the player reaches level 50 he is able to transition into one of two branched classes with more a more specific class. Such as Aoe dps or single target dps, melee dps or tank, and healer or dps.

    Human - Knight


        The human race is perfectly suited for hte Knight class. Bound to chivalrous conduct, humans are predisposed to fight for what they believe to be right.
    • Defender - A brute of a soldier, tehy are often the center of a battle party due to their strengthened defense.  They can also cast stun spells and excel with ranged attacks.
    • Guardian - These steadfat warriors boast refined attack skills. They can successfully reach their targets even if well-protected, and can even increase the amount of damage with each attack.

    Elf - Healer

        These gentle-souled elves are proficient at healing others in their party.  But do not be fooled, they can also pack a wicked wallop in the form of magical attacks.
    • Priest - Specializing in healing and protection using a range of powerful magic spells.  They assist in party members recovery, defense and also vitality.
    • Templar - Quite the aggressor, they are capable of both magical and physical attacks. But their healing powers are good as well.

    Half Elf - Archer
    Half Elf
    Half Elf

        Offspring of Human and Elf, these forest dwellers are masters of ranged combat.  Be it bow & arrow or mechanical crossbow, their proficiency in unmatched.
    • Scout - Masters of multi-targeting with their bows, they often choose to fight all enemies at once rather than one at a time.
    • Ranger - Well versed on the crossbow, Rangers dominate their opponents with swift and precise arrow and dagger attacks.

    Dekan - Dragon Fighter

        Nearly incomprehensible, these changelings defy nature.  Dekans are born with the ability to transform from humanoid to a fiercely violent dragon.
    • Dragon Knight - They evolve more quickly in the form of dragon rather than humanoid, and employ a unique bloodsucking skill to weaken opponents.
    • Dragon Sage - Specialized hunters that can attack large areas at once.  Prey you do not cross them underwater.

    Dhan - Assassin

        These killing machiens are serpentine in their deadliness.  Because of their bias for butchery, they are hte most feared class in Rohan.  Dhans can acquire experience by killing other players rather than completing quests in if they choose.
    • Avenger - Can achieve invisibility and dismember opponents with no warning.  By the time you see them, your eyes may no longer be connected to your face.
    • Predator - The quickest of the Dhans, they deal blows so swiftly that anyone within striking distance may not even be able to take a single swing before death.

    Dark Elf - Mage
    Dark Elf
    Dark Elf

        The mysterious Dark Elven Mages employ strong magical powers to weaken and dispatch their enemies.  They also have transportation powers.  Not much else is known about them to date.
    • Warlock - Thrives in group battles, they seemingly are able to weaken opponents before hte fight even starts.
    • Wizard - Expert hunters, they employ powerful area spells to fight off multiple opponents simultaneously.



    Pets in the game do not fight. However, they aid players in battle by boosting abilities. Pets can level up after being fed a certain amount, this will boost the specific pets abilities. A pet can get to level 3, but no higher. A pet can die in Rohan due to negligence and can only be revived by a cash shop item. A pet can be bought from either the pet merchant in any major town, or from cash shop.

     Ingame Pets

    Bear - The Bear will boost the users health points. The higher the level of the Bear, the greater amount of health points.

    Cat - The Cat increases the users speed. The higher the level of the Cat, the greater the speed increase.

    Rabbit - The Rabbit allows a player to teleport. The Rabbit can save a location for the user to teleport back to. The higher the level of the Rabbit, the longer it can sustain the saved teleport spot.

     Cashshop Pets

    Hawk - The Hawk will increase the users attack speed. The higher the level of the Hawk, the greater the attack speed increase.

    Dragon - The Dragon will act as an additional attacker every so many seconds and based off of the users attack speed and damage. The higher the level of the Dragon, the greater increase in damage.

    Monkey - The Monkey will obtain loot for the player and his or her party members. The Monkey can obtain different items, the player will have to set the genre of items he wishes the Monkey to pick up. As the Monkey's level grows, so can the number of different genres of items he can obtain.

    Jaguar - The Jaguar increases the players critical %, the higher the level of the Jaguar the greater the critical % increase.


    Players can obtain mounts to travel faster within the game world. Each race in the game has its own type of mount; these include dragons, reptiles, wolves, horses, spiders, and unicorns. Players can obtain their first mount, which gives a 25% speed increase, at level 30, with faster mounts becoming usable at levels 50 and 80. Cash shop mounts are now purchasable and are usable at level 30. They have the same movement speed % as the level 70 mounts.


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