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    The support/heavy gunner soldier class from Borderlands.

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    Yup, he's the soldier!
    Yup, he's the soldier!

    Roland is a character from Gearbox Studio's 2009 release Borderlands. He is the soldier class in the game; he's one of the most reliable classes that is very self-capable. His special ability is a turret which can be deployed to take down enemies with it's three shot burst.

    Roland also appears in all downloadable content for the game; The Zombie Island of Doctor Ned, Mad Moxxi's Underdome Riot, and The Secret Armory of General Knoxx.

    Skill Tree

    Roland's skill tree
    Roland's skill tree

    Roland's skill tree is mostly focused on healing, stronger weapons and upgrades to the Scorpio Turret; specifically three trees, Infantry, Support and Medic.

    Depending on how the skill tree is filled out, a higher level Roland can grow ammunition, heal teammates by shooting them, recharge health, grow grenades, and fire guide missiles from his Scorpio Turret.


    • Based on Roland Deschain, the main protagonist and antihero from Stephen King's The Dark Tower series.
    • Was a ex -Crimson Lance, based on his wanted posters in Secret Armory of General Knoxx which states his bounty as $1,000,000 for the desertion and murder of a Crimson Lance officer. Use of the same scorpio turret suggests that he was once a Crimson Lance Engineer.


    Like all playable characters in Borderlands, Roland is completely silent except during gameplay, in which he will shout a number of situational quotes:

    When opening a chest:

    • "Always nice to get resupplied."
    • "Always room for more loot."
    • "Armaments here."
    • "Alright! We got guns over here."
    • "Can never have enough stuff!"
    • "This will help."

    When spotting items:

    • "It's like Christmas!"

    When scoring a critical hit:

    • "Critical Bitch!"
    • "Critical Biatch!"
    • "Aww, you know that hurt!"
    • "Ow! That hurt!"
    • "Ha Ha, bullseye!"
    • "Haha, nailed it!
    • "Critical hit!"
    • "Target hit!"

    Scoring a kill on a badass enemy:

    • "Elite my ass!"
    • "Another one bites the dust."
    • "Oh yeah, that was all me."
    • "Another notch on my weapon!"
    • "Uppin' the kill count!"
    • "Are we keeping score here?"

    Action skill kill:

    • "I love this damn thing!"
    • "It's like having another soldier on the field!"
    • "Spray'em and stay'em!"
    • "Efficient, and effective!"
    • "Haha, that's another one!"
    • "Mowin 'em down, ha-ha!"

    When requesting a duel:

    • "Mess with the bull and you get the horns!"
    • "I'm issuing you a challenge... 'chump'."
    • "You think you got what it takes?!"

    When leveling up:

    • "Bigger and Badder!"
    • "Rankin' up!"
    • "Getting better all the time!"

    When ammunition is depleted:

    • "Ammo count black."
    • "I'm outta mags."
    • "I'm out!"
    • "Out of bullets."
    • "Need to reload."
    • "Need ammo."

    When spawning a vehicle:

    • "I'll TC the vehicle"
    • "I got the ride."
    • "Mounting up."


    • "Time is bullets."
    • "Waistin' daylight, foo."
    • "Burnin' daylight."


    • "On your feet soldier!"
    • "Oh, that's just a flesh wound!"
    • "Just walk it off"

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