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Rolando Review

Rolando is a motion enhanced puzzle game created for the Apple I-pod Touch and I-phone. This is a game that you are going to have to drop some money on in order to get it through the app store. You will be taking control of one of several round fellows and will be using your tilting abilities to their best to get them through the level.

The graphics are a bit cartoony and has a very smooth look. The different members of the game alll have thier unique look. That also goes with the look of the enemies. I'm also a fan of the look of the map, it reminds me of the pop up books of my youth.

The music is light and playful, and goes just right with the game.

The controls revolve around the use of tilting the device. There is also going to be the times where you are going to tap the screen to unselect the selected guys. You'll  also be dragging your finger across the screen to draw a box to select multiple characters. You will be using two fingers together to move around the area. You'll also bee using a quick dragging motion to cause the selected characters to jump. 

This game looks like and feels like what LocoRoco should have been, but with the limitation of controls didn't quite add up to. There are some parts of the game that are going to be really difficult and others filled with "duh" moments. The thing that you do have to remember that there is a timer for each level, as well as diamonds strewn across the level that you need to collect as well. The other thing is that certain characters and number of characters have to get through the exit for you to get full credit.

This game is fun to play and is worth the purchase. It has some flaws when it comes to using certain special characters, and sometimes trying to traverse through a level in the time limit provided, but other than that this game is solid. It has some replayability as you want to get the diamonds, get more characters through the exit, or maybe shave off some in your completion. This game gets an 8.5 out of 10.

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