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Rolfron Zek is the Forlorned, the Hollow God, and the Lord of Despair.  He is a demigod among the pantheon of power.  During the Age of Scale, Brell Serilis secretly created many races of creatures deep beneath the surface of Norrath.  This was long before his pact with Tunare and Prexus.  One of these races were the kobolds.  Not wanting to be caught deceiving the other gods, Brell abandoned the kobolds in favor of his Dwarves and Gnomes, which he had created after the pacts.  The kobolds were left without spiritual guidance, meaning their shaman were powerless, and this led to many civil wars among the various tribes.  The battles caught the attention of the Warlord, Rallos Zek.  Zek wandered the Underfoot monitoring the kobolds and was impressed with their ferocity and tenacity in combat.  It was not long before he came upon the fiercest of the kobolds, Rolfron, an elder shaman.  This albino kobold whose anger, despair, and resentment for Brell Serilis knew no bounds.  Rallos invited Rolfron to the his fortress, Drunder, in the Plane of War.  Zek instilled a shard of his own being within Rolfron and took the spirit of the kobolds, fashioning it into sword he presented to Rolfron.  Zek proclaimed Rolfron the Lord of Despair.  He now creeps in the shadows of war, instilling hopelessness in the minds of Zek's enemies.    

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