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Roll The World is a 2D platformer game developed by Jequed with music by Nikola Whallon. It was released exclusively on Steam for Windows computers on August 14, 2020.


When Raul goes to investigate some mysterious lightning strikes on a nearby mountain, he accidentally comes across a top secret lab where he meets a scientist. When the scientist's boss hears that Raul has trespassed into the lab, he orders the scientist to kill Raul. Unwilling to kill an innocent victim, the scientist hides Raul from his boss by teleporting him to another dimension. When his boss finds out what has happened, he traps both Raul and the scientist in that dimension with no way of escaping.

In order to escape back to their own dimension, the scientist suggests that Raul explore the dimension to find a way out. However, the dimension is filled with many obstacles, and Raul must utilize a ball with unique gravity-changing characteristics to navigate these obstacles.


Like many platformers, the player must use jumping as well as double jumping to complete levels. However, the player must also rotate gravity to in order to clear many of the obstacles.

The levels are laid out in a non-linear fashion, so completing every level is not necessary to progress throughout the story. Along the way, there are several optional collectibles called energy tokens. Collecting energy tokens unlocks different skins for the ball.


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