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    Game » consists of 4 releases. Released Mar 24, 1999

    An arcade style futuristic racing game.

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    The game's selling point was its unique style and physics, which allowed cars to drive on any surface given enough speed. The vehicles are designed so they can flip over and still have their wheels in contact with the ground, walls, and ceilings, often reaching incredible speeds. 

    The player can compete in 4 different  worlds on a variety of well designed tracks, featuring some destructive environments, weapon pick-ups, and speed pads which would give you a speed boost if driven over.

    Single player

    The single player modes include league, arcade, and time attack.


    There are 3 leagues, Gemini, Scorpio and Taurus. The completion of one opens up the next and unlocks harder difficulties later.
    There is a difficulty increase while progressing through the leagues: the first league tracks are with few corners and bends with easy to find "secret" passages. The last tracks have some places with tight corners and need narrow turns.
    The AI competition is easy in the beginning, but can be troublesome if they start attacking the player with leader-seeking missiles. However, it is a real competition on expert level.
    A perfect win, meaning placing first in every race, unlocks bonuses.


    In the arcade mode you can choose a track you want to race on, number of laps and difficulty.

    Time Attack

    Racing to get the fastest lap time. The only power-ups available are speed boosters.


    In multiplayer you can play up to 4 players locally with split-screen or 6 players over a network.
    There are two modes of play, racing and battling. Battle mode is unlocked by playing and placing first in leagues in singleplayer.
    All the courses from arcade are available for racing.


    There are 8 power-ups in the game.


    Leader missile: homes in to the leader of the race and blows him up.
    Regular missile: can lock on to environmental targets or opponents.
    Triple missile: shoots three missiles straight ahead and blows up stuff that gets in their way.

    Effect weapons

    Wormhole: shoots a wormhole on the opponent in front of you and teleports him right behind you and gives you a speed boost. The wormhole can explode if it hits solid materials before teleporting your opponent.
    Ice Blast: for a limited time, you get two arcs of lightning that freezes the ground for your opponent so he loses his grip.
    Time Warp: slows down time for everyone but you for a short time, so you can zoom past them, also slows down missiles and other weapons so you can dodge them.


    Shield: protects you from impacts and missiles. A leader missile takes away your entireshield but you don't lose any speed and you're not sent flying.
    Speed boost: gives a quick increase in speed. Activating two simultaneously greatly increases your speed.


    • "Cool Maneuver"
      Written by Pascal Redpath.
      Performed by Pascal.

    • "Feel"
      Written by Ben Petit.
      Performed by Freestylers.

    • "Abracadabra"
      Written by J. Cox.
      Performed by Hoax.

    • "Tough at the Top"
      Written by A. Banks & J. Hurren.
      Performed by EZ Rollers.

    • "Soundclash"
      Written by A. Banks & J. Hurren.
      Performed by EZ Rollers.

    • "Bamboo Lounge"
      Written by J. Skinner & E. Holmes.
      Performed by Pressure Rise.

    • "Gotta Learn"
      Written by Dan Carey & Massimo Bonaddio.
      Performed by Danmass.

    • "Do You Believe in Love?"
      Written by Ashley Beedle.
      Performed by The Uschi Classen Band.

    • "Technology (Boymerang Remix)"
      Written by N. Sykes & B. Settle.
      Performed by Ed Rush & Nico.

    • "BSE Mon Ami"
      Written by N. Sykes & B. Settle.
      Performed by Les Rosbifs.

    • "King of the Beats"
      Performed by Aphrodite.

    • "Soul Surfing"
      Written and Performed by Fatboy Slim.

    • "Love Island"
       Written and Performed by Fatboy Slim.

    • "Sole Sentiment"
      Written and Performed by Ratman.

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