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    RollerCoaster Tycoon 2

    Game » consists of 3 releases. Released Oct 15, 2002

    RollerCoaster Tycoon 2 is the sequel to the popular amusement park simulator, featuring new rides, scenarios, and other gameplay mechanics.

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    The second game in the popular RollerCoaster Tycoon franchise, RollerCoaster Tycoon 2 is packed with an abundance of rides, scenery, and other tools to create prosperous theme parks in a list of brand new scenarios. Using the same engine and gameplay from the first game, players are put in charge of managing and expanding their own parks and designing their very own roller coasters, all while keeping their guests satisfied.



    Players are challenged to an all-new list of scenarios in RollerCoaster Tycoon 2. Unlike its predecessor, all of the scenarios are available to the player as soon as they start the game, no longer requiring them to sequentially unlock scenarios in the order of their difficulty. They are, however, grouped together by difficulty in several categories.

    Licensed by Six Flags, the game also includes several recreations of several Six Flags park throughout the world that can be played as normal scenarios, each with their own objectives.


    Crazy Castle1,500 guests, 600 park rating by October 31, Year 4You have inhertied a large castle - your job is to convert it into a small theme park.
    Electric Fields700 guests, 600 park rating by October 31, Year 2You have inhertied a small farm and your challenge is to build it into a small theme park amongst the fields and farm buildings.
    Factory Capers1,100 guests, 600 park rating by October 31, Year 3An abandoned factory complex is an opportunity to build a mechanical-themed amusement park.


    Amity Airfield3,000 guests, 600 park rating by October 31, Year 4Build a flying-themed amustment park in this abandoned airfield.
    Botany Breakers$10,000 monthly income from ridesYour challenge is to build a high-profit park on this paradise island.
    Bumbly Bazaar$1,000 monthly income from shopsStarting with a small market bazaar, your challenge is to increase the profit from shops and stall by building rides and roller coasters to attract customers.
    Dusty Greens$5,000 monthly income from ridesSituated near a highway junction in the desert, Dusty Greens is an opportunity to develop a small golf course into a thriving theme park.
    Fungus Woods2,500 guests, 600 park rating by October 31, Year 4Restricted to only older-style wooden rides, your challenge is to build a thriving theme park in Fungus Woods.
    Gravity Gardens$500,000 park value, repay your loanYour challenge is to build a roller coaster park in the beautiful Gravity Gardens - no other rides, just roller coasters.
    Infernal ViewsBuild 10 different roller coasters with an excitement rating of 6.00A park nestled precariously on lava rock with streams of magma.


    Alpine Adventures$7,000 monthly income from ridesConvert a small mountain ski resort into a snow-themed amusement park.
    Extreme Heights4,500 guests, park rating must be kept over 700Free of financial restrictions, your challenge is to expand this desert park to attract people seeking the ultimate thrill.
    Ghost TownBuild 10 different roller coasters with a length of 1,200 m (3,937 ft) and an excitement rating of 7.00Hired by a large amusement park chain, your task is to build a giant roller coaster park around an abandoned mine.
    Lucky Lake2,100 guests, park rating must be kept over 700With unlimited funds but a challenging lake location, your job is to expand and manage this already functioning amusement park.
    Rainbow Summit2,500 guests, 600 park rating by October 31, Year 4Built on a hillside, this park is forbidden from building anything tall. Can you expand the park and make it successful?

    "Real" Parks

    Six Flags Belgium3,500 guests, 600 park rating by October 31, Year 4Try your hand at running and imrpoving this Six Flags park.
    Six Flags Great Adventure3,500 guests, park rating must be kept over 700Build the missing Six Flags rides, or create your own to improve the park! But don't forget your ultimate aim - to attract more guests to the park.
    Six Flags Holland3,500 guests, 600 park rating by October 31, Year 4Try your hand at running and improving this Six Flags park.
    Six Flags Magic Mountain$700,000 park value, repay your loanBuild the missing Six Flags rides, or create your own to imrpove the park! But don't forget your ultimate aim - to repay your laon while keeping the park value up!
    Six Flags Over Texas3,500 guests, park rating must be kept over 700Build the missing Six Flags rides, or create your own to improve the park! But don't forget your ultimate aim - to attract more guests to the park.


    Build Your Own Six Flags Belgium3,500 guests, 600 park rating by October 31, Year 5Build your own version of this European Six Flags park.
    Build Your Own Six Flags Great Adventure2,000 guests, 600 park rating by October 31, Year 5Use your design skills to recreate this Six Flags park.
    Build Your Own Six Flags Holland3,500 guests, 600 park rating by October 31, Year 6Build this European Six Flags park the way you want to.
    Build Your Own Six Flags Magic Mountain$700,000 park value, repay your loanCreate your own versino of this massive Six Flags park.
    Build Your Own Six Flags Over Texas3,000 guests, 600 park value by October 31, Year 5Starting from scratch, build the rides in this Six Flags park.

    Scenario Editor

    One of the notable new additions RollerCoaster Tycoon 2 brings to the series is the scenario editor. With the editor, players can create a landscape the size of their choosing and modify its terrain to their liking to create their very own scenarios to play themselves or share with others. The editor gives players full customization options, allowing them to edit the starting park to their desire, pick an objective, designate which attractions will be available to choose from, specify the maximum loan amount, and so on.


    The key to building a successful amusement park in RollerCoaster Tycoon 2 is still the rides. Without a diverse selection of quality rides guests will not be happy with their visit, so maintaining a balance of exciting gentle and extreme rides is essential to maximizing guest satisfaction. Each ride has three ratings tied to it:

    • Excitement Rating - How exciting a ride is, and how likely guests are to ride it. This is not only determined by the design of the ride, but also the scenery and landscaping around the ride.
    • Intensity Rating - How intense or scary a ride is. This will affect how likely guests are to ride, depending on their ride intensity preferences. It is determined by the physical aspects of the ride, such as G-force and average speed.
    • Nausea Rating - How nauseating a ride is. The higher this is, the more easily guests will get sick on it.
    Manage Six Flags parks with replicas of real rides, like the Texas Giant
    Manage Six Flags parks with replicas of real rides, like the Texas Giant

    In addition to the ratings rides also have data associated with them, such as popularity, reliability, and run costs. It is important to take note of each ride's stats, as a ride that brakes down too often or is not popular enough may not be worth running, or might need to be replaced as it ages.

    Rides can be colored to the players' desire, and some rides have customization options such as rotation speed or number of trains on the track, some of which might affect the ride's ratings.

    In addition to rides, shops and stalls are the other key attractions for a park. Guests require food and drink stalls to stay full and hydrated, and bathroom stalls for when nature calls. A lack of any of these will decrease guest happiness drastically. Among other things, other kiosks are available to sell park maps and umbrellas, which not only provide guests with essentials to their time in the park, but also can become good revenue creators.

    Track Designer

    Roller coasters and other tracked rides can be custom-designed using the track designer (though there is also a selection of pre-designed tracks to choose to build from). The designer lets player lay out track pieces individually so that they can create their very own unique coasters and rides. It allows players to choose the direction, slope, bank, and height of each piece, as well as offering the player a variety of other roller coaster elements, such as vertical loops, corkscrews, and helices. Each ride has different options depending on their capabilities. Once a ride is completed, the player can test it to ensure it runs properly and it will be given its ratings, allowing the player to modify it to improve them or open it up for business.


    Keeping current guests satisfied and attracting new guests is one of the player's ultimate goals as a park manager. Guests have unique names and desires. Some enjoy extreme rides, others do not, and some guests get nauseous far easily than others. All guests also have five dynamic traits that will change throughout their time in the park:

    • Happiness - The more unhappy they are, the more likely they are to leave. Extremely unhappy guests are likely to vandalize the park by destroying benches, trash cans, and lamps.
    • Energy - Tired guests are more likely to become unhappy, and look for more exciting rides to help keep them energized.
    • Hunger - The hungrier they get, the more unhappy they become. It is important to have an abundance of food stalls placed around the park.
    • Thirst - Similarly to hunger, the thirstier they get, the more unhappy they become. It is important to have an abundance of drink stalls placed around the park.
    • Bathroom - It is vital to have plenty of bathrooms around the park for guests to relieve themselves, as well as to allow sick guests to have a place to vomit so they don't do it on the pathways. A shortage of bathrooms will lead to very unhappy guests.

    Players can click on individual guests to see their current thoughts and current mood. Guests will often give good or bad feedback depending on where they are in the park and how they feel about it. It is important to listen to this feedback and make necessary changes depending on how many guests make certain complaints. The player has the option to also rename guests and pick them up and place them anywhere within the park. Players can view all the guest thoughts and actions at once in the park guests window.

    The guest AI has been reworked from the original game to make guests smarter. They will now no longer get lost on paths that are wider than a single square unit, saving the player the frustration of dealing with lost guests.

    Easter Egg Names

    Changing a guest's name to any of the following will have these effects:

    • Andy Hine - Compares all roller coasters to "the Phoenix"
    • Chris Sawyer - Takes pictures of the park
    • Damon Hill - Rides Go Karts really, really fast
    • Elissa White - Remarks on the ride manufacturer Intamin when on a ride designed by them
    • John Wardley - Gets impressed with the park really easily
    • Katie Brayshaw - Waves at other guests
    • Melanie Warn - Becomes extremely happy
    • Michael Schumacher - Rides Go Karts really fast
    • Mr Bean - Rides Go Karts really, really slow
    • Simon Foster - Paints pictures


    As part of the player's duties as manager they must hire several kinds of staff members in order to keep their park running smoothly and cleanly:

    • Handymen - Keep the park clean and tidy. They can clean paths, empty garbage bins, water gardens, and mow overgrown grass. Players can choose for each handymen to perform only certain tasks. Their default uniform color is red.
    • Mechanics - Ensure the rides in the park continue to operate safely and without error. They can inspect rides at a player-set interval, and are called to fix rides when they brake down. If rides are not inspected regularly they run a greater risk of braking down or even crashing. Their default uniform color is blue.
    • Security Guards - Help stop angry guests from vandalizing the park. Their default uniform color is yellow.
    • Entertainers - Keep guests entertained along pathways and while waiting in queues. Their default costume is a panda.

    Each kind of staff type can wear a uniform color (or, for entertainers, a different kind of costume) of the player's choice, and each individual staff member can be told to patrol certain areas of the park as designated by the player.


    Experiment with new ride and scenery options
    Experiment with new ride and scenery options

    The player has several tools at their disposal to alter the landscape of their park, whether it be raising the height to create hills, adding water, changing its terrain, or removing/adding trees and other scenery. Sometimes this is necessary in order to make room to build more rides, or to simply make the land more eye-catching.

    Some parks also allow expansion by giving the player the ability to buy more land or construction rights over property not owned by them.

    Scenery Editing

    Possibly the other most significant addition to the series is the addition of several tools to make placing and modifying scenery more extensive. The new system allows players to adjust the height placement of scenery objects, which greatly increases player options when designing unique and complex scenery pieces. For instance, custom buildings can now be created with ease by building high walls and roofs quickly using the new tools. A bulldozer tool also lets players delete multiple pieces of scenery quickly and at once.


    Guests' main way of travel around the park will be with paths. Using an array of different path types, it is the player's job as the manager to create a path system around their park that is easy for guests to navigate and has access to all areas and attractions of the park. Like rides, paths can be elevated above and tunneled below ground. Each ride must have a path attached to its exit and a special path called a queue attached to its entrance. Guests line up in a queue to wait for a ride. If a queue is too long, guests will get tired of waiting in line, while if it's too short it will be too difficult for guests to get in line before it gets full.


    Everything the player does while managing their park will cost money, so a profitable budget must be maintained. There are two different kinds of parks: pay to enter and pay to ride. Pay to enter parks have a one-time entrance free that guests pay as they enter the park, and all rides are free. Pay to ride parks have no entrance free, and instead guests must pay for each individual ride. All fees are player controlled and should be change throughout the park's history as the park grows and costs more to run. Food, drinks, and souvenirs are also important revenue generators.

    Proper budgeting is essential for a successful park
    Proper budgeting is essential for a successful park

    When budgeting, players should take into account the costs of running each ride and stall in their park, the cost of their staff, how much money they will need for future expansions, and so on. If the player desires, they can take out a loan to meet their immediate financial needs and pay it off later. The player can also choose to invest in researching new rides or stalls to add even further variety to their options when designing their park, as not all attractions are always available to players in the scenarios (with the exception of Mega Park). It is possible to fall into debt, so it is important to maintain a steady income and ensure new guests are attracted to the park.

    Attraction Lists

    Many attractions from the original RollerCoaster Tycoon 2 are packaged (some with new names) into the sequel, alongside plenty of new rides and shops.

    Gentle Rides

    Gentle rides are vital to providing non-thrill seeking guests their entertainment.

    Car RideRiders travel slowly in powered vehicles along a track-based route.
    Cheshire CatsPowered cat-shaped vehicles which follow a track-based route.
    CircusCircus animal show inside a big-top tent.
    Crooked HouseBuilding containing warped rooms and angled corridors to disorient people walking through it.
    DodgemsSelf-drive electric dodgem cars.
    Double-Deck Observation TowerTwin-deck rotating observation cabin which travels up a tall tower.
    Ferris WheelRotating big wheel with open chairs.
    Flying SaucersSelf-drive hovercraft vehicles.
    Ghost TrainPowered monster shaped cars travel along a mutli-level track past spooky scenery and special effects.
    Haunted HouseLarge themed building containing scary corridors and spooky rooms.
    Haunted Mansion RidePowered cars travel along a multi-level track past special effects and scenery.
    Hedge MazeMaze is constructed from 6-foot tall hedges or walls, and guests wander around the maze, leaving only when they find the exit.
    Merry-Go-RoundTraditional rotating carousel with carved wooden horses.
    Mini-GolfA gentle game of miniature golf.
    Mini HelicoptersPowered helicopter shaped cars running on a steel track, controlled by the pedaling of the riders.
    Monster TrucksPowered giant 4x4 trucks which can climb steep slopes.
    Observation TowerRotating observation cabin that travels up a tall tower.
    Space RingsEach space ring consists of concentric steel rings pivoted to allow free rotation in all direction. The ride holds four people at a time.
    Spiral SlideWooden structure with an internal staircase and an external spiral slide for use with slide mats.
    Vintage CarsPowered vehicles in the shape of vintage cars which follow a track-based route.

    Roller Coasters

    Possibly the most important rides, roller coasters provide a varying degree of intensities and thrills.

    Air Powered Vertical CoasterAfter an exhilarating air-powered launch, the train speeds up a vertical track, over the top, and vertically down the other side to return to the station.
    Bobsled Roller CoasterRiders careen down a twisting track in bobsleigh-shaped cars guided only by the curvature and banking of the semi-circular track.
    Compact Inverted CoasterRiders sit in pairs of seats suspended beneath the track as they loop and twist through tight inversions.
    Corkscrew Roller CoasterA compact steel-tracked roller coaster where the train travels through corkscrews and loops.
    Floorless Roller CoasterWide coaster trains with no floor give the passengers an open-air feeling as they glide through twisted track and multiple inversions.
    Flying Roller CoasterRiders are held in comfortable seats below the track, traveling through twisted track to give the ultimate flying experience.
    Flying TurnsRiders careen down a twisting track in large bobsleigh cars guided only by the curvature and banking of the semi-circular track.
    Giga CoasterA giant steel roller coaster capable of smooth drops and hills of over 300 ft.
    Heartline Roller CoasterCars run along track enclosed by circular hoops, traversing steep drops and heartline twists.
    Hyper CoasterA tall non-inverting roller coaster with large drops, high speed, and comfortable trains with lap bar restraints.
    Hyper-Twister Roller CoasterSitting in comfortable trains with only simple lap restraints riders enjoy giant smooth drops and twisting track as well as plenty of air time over the hills.
    Inverted Hairpin CoasterIndividual cars run beneath zig-zag track with hairpin turns and sharp drops.
    Inverted Impulse CoasterInverted roller coaster that is launched out of the station up a twister vertical spike and back through the station in reverse and up another vertical spike.
    Inverted Roller CoasterRiders sit in cars suspended beneath the track as they speed through giant loops, twists, and large swooping drops.
    Inverted Shuttle CoasterRiders sit in pairs facing either forwards or backwards as they loop and twist through tight inversions.
    Inverted Vertical Shuttle CoasterRiders sit in cars suspended beneath the track, pulled backwards up a vertical track and then dropped to loop and twist around tight inversions.
    Junior Roller CoasterA gentle coaster for people who haven't yet got the courage to face the larger rides.
    Lay-Down Roller CoasterRiders are held in special harnesses in a lying-down position, traveling through twisted track and inversions either on their backs or facing the ground.
    LIM Launched Roller CoasterRoller coaster trains are accelerated out of the station by linear induction motors to speed through twisting inversions.
    Looping Roller CoasterA smooth steel-tracked coaster capable of vertical loops.
    Mine RidePowered mine trains careen along a smooth and twisted track layout.
    Mine Train Roller CoasterRunaway mine coaster trains careen along steel coaster track made to look like railway track.
    Mini Roller CoasterA compact roller coaster with individual cars and smooth twisting drops.
    Mini Suspended CoasterPassengers ride in small cars hanging beneath single rail track and swinging from side to side around corners.
    Mini Suspended Flying CoasterPassengers ride face-down in a lying positions, suspended beneath single rail track and swinging from side to side around corners.
    Motorbike RacesRiders ride motorbike-shaped roller coaster vehicles along a single-rail track.
    Multi-Dimension Roller CoasterSitting in seats suspended either side of the track, riders are pitched head-over-heels while they plunge down steep drops and travel through various inversions.
    Reverse FreefallThe car is accelerated out of the station along a long level track using linear induction motors, then heads straight up a vertical spike of track, freefalling back down to return to the station.

    Side Friction Coaster

    A simple wooden roller coaster capable of only gentle slopes and turns, where the cars are only kept on the track by side frictions wheels and gravity.
    Spinning Wild MouseMouse shaped cars speed through tight corners and drops, gently spinning around to disorient riders.
    Spiral CoasterA compact steel-tracked roller coaster with a spiral lift hill and cars with in-line seating.
    Stand-Up Roller CoasterA looping roller coaster where the riders ride in an upright position.
    Stand-Up Twister Roller CoasterRiders ride in a standing position in wide coaster trains with specially designed restraints as they race down smooth drops and through multiple inversions.
    SteeplechaseRiders ride horse-shaped roller coaster vehicles along a single-rail track.
    Suspended Roller CoasterTrains suspended beneath the roller coaster track swing out to the side around corners.
    Twister Roller CoasterWide roller coasters trains glide along smooth steel track, traveling through a variety of inversions.
    Vertical Roller CoasterExtra-wide cars descend completely vertical sloped track for the ultimate freefall roller coaster experience.
    Virginia ReelBucket-shaped cars that travel through a wooden trough around tight turns.
    Wild MouseIndividual roller coaster cars zip around tight zig-zag layout of track with sharp corners and short sharp drops.
    Wooden Articulated Roller CoasterRunning on wooden track, this coaster is fast, rough, noisy, and gives "out of control" riding experience with plenty of air time. This model can handle even sharper twists because of its articulated frame.
    Wooden Roller CoasterRunning on wooden track, this coaster is fast, rough, noisy, and gives "out of control" riding experience with plenty of air time.
    Wooden Wild Mine RideTiny mine trucks run on zig-zagging wooden track, tilting precariously around hairpin turns and vicious drops.
    Wooden Wild Mouse Roller CoasterSmall mouse shaped cars run on a wooden track, the cars leaning over precariously as they traverse hairpin corners and sharp drops.

    Thrill Rides

    Less intense than roller coasters, thrill rides offer a good median between gentle and more extreme rides.

    EnterpriseRotating wheel with suspended passenger pods, which first starts spinning and is then tilted up by a supported arm.
    Go KartsSelf-drive gas-engined go karts.
    Launched FreefallFreefall car is pneumatically launched up a tall steel tower and then allowed to freefall down.
    Magic CarpetA large flying-carpet themed car which moves up and down cyclically on the ends of four arms.
    Motion SimulatorRiders view a film inside the motion simulator pod while it is twisted and moved around by a hydraulic arm.
    Pirate ShipLarge swinging pirate ship.
    Roto-DropA ring of seats is pulled to the top of a tall tower while gently rotating, then allowed to freefall down, stopping gently at the bottom using magnetic brakes.
    Snow CupsRiders ride in pairs of seats rotating around a central snowman.
    Swinging Inverter ShipShip is attached to an arm with a counterweight at the opposite end, and swings through a complete 360 degrees.
    Top SpinPassengers ride in a gondola suspended by large rotating arms, rotating forwards and backwards head-over-heels.
    TwistRiders ride in pairs of seats rotating around the ends of three long rotating arms.

    Transports Rides

    The main purpose of transport rides is to help guests travel to different areas of the park without having to walk.

    ChairliftCars hang from a steel cable which runs continuously from one end of the ride to the other and back again.
    ElevatorGuests ride in an elevator up or down a vertical tower to get from one level to another.
    Miniature RailroadPassengers ride in miniature trains along a narrow-gauge railway track.
    MonorailPassengers travel in electric trains along a monorail track.
    Suspended MonorailPowered trains hanging from a single rail transport people around the park.
    TramsOld-time replica trams.

    Water Rides

    Perfect for hotter climates, water rides provide a variety of thrills for everyone.

    Bumper BoatsSmall circular dinghies powered by a centrally-mounted motor controlled by the passengers.
    CanoesLong canoes which the passengers paddle themselves.
    Dinghy SlideRiders travel in inflatable dinghies down a twisting semi-circular or completely enclosed tube track.
    Jet SkisSingle-seater jet skis which riders can drive themselves.
    Log FlumeLog-shaped boast travel along a water channel, splashing down steep slopes to soak the riders.
    Raft RideRaft-shaped boats gently meander around a river track.
    River RapidsCircular boats meander along a wide water channel, splashing through waterfalls and thrilling riders through foaming rapids.
    Paddle BoatsRowing boats which passengers row themselves.
    Splash BoatsLarge capacity boats travel along a wide water channel, propelled up slopes by a conveyor belt, accelerating down steep slopes, to soak the riders with a giant splash.
    Submarine RideRiders ride in a submerged submarine through an underwater course.
    SwansSwan shapes boat, propelled by the pedaling front seat passengers.
    Water CoasterBoat shaped cars run on roller coaster track to allow twisting and curves and steep drops, splashing down into sections of water for gentle river sections.
    Water TricyclesPedal-tricycles with large buoyant wheels.


    Guests must be provided with necessities such as food and drink if they are to stay satisfied.

    Balloon StallSells balloons that guests can carry around the park. Players can designate the color of balloons sold at each individual stall.
    Burger BarSells hamburgers.
    Candy Apple StallSells candy apples.
    Cash MachineLets guests retrieve more money if they are running low.
    Chicken Nuggets StallSells fried chicken nuggets.
    Coffee ShopSells coffee.
    Cookie ShopSells cookies.
    Cotton Candy StallSells cotton candy.
    Donut ShopSells donuts.
    Drink StallSells drinks.
    First Aid RoomLets sick guests recover from their nausea.
    Fried ChickenSells fried chicken.
    Fries ShopSells french fries. Note: Known as Chip Shop in the European versions.
    Fries StallSells french fries. Note: Known as Chip Stall in the European versions.
    Fruity Ices StallSells iced fruit drinks.
    Funnel Cake ShopSells funnel cakes.
    Hat StallSells hats that guests can wear around the park. Players can designate the color of hats sold at each individual stall.
    Hot Chocolate StallSells hot chocolate.
    Hot Dog StallSells hot dogs.
    Ice Cream Cone StallSells ice cream.
    Iced Tea StallSells iced tea.
    Information KioskSells park maps to help guests find their way around the park and umbrellas to keep them dry when it rains. Players can designate the color of umbrellas sold at each individual kiosk.
    Lemonade StallSells lemonade.
    Pizza StallSells pizza slices.
    Popcorn StallSells popcorn.
    Pretzels StallSells pretzels.
    Restroom 1A brick restroom building that lets guest relieve themselves.
    Restroom 2A wooden restroom building that lets guests to relieve themselves.
    Sea Food StallSells fried tentacles.
    Souvenir StallSells stuffed animals and umbrellas. Players can designate the color of umbrellas sold at each individual stall.
    Sub Sandwich StallSells sub sandwiches.
    Sunglasses stallSells sunglasses that guests can wear around the park.
    T-Shirt StallSells t-shirts that guests can wear around the park. Players can designate the color of shirts sold at each individual stall.

    Scenery List

    Adding scenery throughout the park is another way to increase its park rating and let guests enjoy their visit even more. A variety of scenery is available under several different categories and themes that allows players to have complete control of their parks' decor.

    Fences and WallsSmall decorative walls and fences
    GardensLush flowers and other shrubs.
    Path Items

    Lamps, benches, trash cans, signs, and path decorations. Lamps are purely decorative. Benches give guests places to rest if they are tired or nauseous. Trash cans give guests places to throw away their garbage. Signs can display custom messages, and banner signs can also be made "No Entry" signs to make certain park areas off limit to guests.

    Shrubs and OrnamentsSmaller pieces of flora and stone decorations.
    TreesA large variety of unique trees from many different environments.
    Walls and RoofsLarger wall and roof pieces used to make more elaborate scenery or structures.
    Abstract Theming

    Abstract-themed decor.

    Classical/Roman Theming

    Roman-themed decor.

    Creepy Theming

    Creepily-themed decor.

    Egyptian Theming

    Egyptian-themed decor.

    Giant Candy Theming

    Candyland-themed decor.

    Giant Garden Theming

    Large gardened-themed decor.

    Jungle Theming

    Jungle-themed decor.

    Jurassic Theming

    Dinosaur-themed decor.

    Martian Theming

    Alien-themed decor.

    Mechanical Theming

    Industrial-themed decor.

    Medieval Theming

    Medieval-themed decor.

    Mine Theming

    Mine-themed decor.

    Pagoda Theming

    Pagoda-themed decor.

    Panda Theming

    Panda-themed decor.

    Pirate Theming

    Pirate-themed decor.

    Snow/Ice Theming

    Snow-themed decor.

    Space Theming

    Space-themed decor.

    Spooky Theming

    Horror-themed decor.

    Sports Theming

    Sports-themed decor.

    Urban Theming

    City-themed decor.

    Water Feature Theming

    Water-themed decor.

    Wild West Theming

    Western-themed decor.

    Wonderland Theming

    Fantasy wonderland-themed decor.

    System Requirements


    • Pentium II 300 MHz
    • Windows 98/ME
    • 64 MB RAM
    • 120 MB hard drive space
    • 8x CD-ROM drive
    • DirectX 8.1 compatible sound card
    • DirectX 8.1 compatible graphics card
    • DirectX 8.1 (included)
    • Mouse


    • Pentium II 300 MHz
    • Windows 98/ME
    • 128 MB RAM
    • 200 MB hard drive space
    • 16x CD-ROM drive
    • DirectX 8.1 compatible sound card
    • DirectX 8.1 compatible graphics card
    • DirectX 8.1 (included)
    • Mouse
    • Keyboard

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