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     An aggressive rollerblading game that  was developed with help from one of the original pro skaters Jon Julio.

    Originally developed by Rage Software, who shortly before the game was due to come out went into administration, SCi picked up publishing rights and was only released in Europe.

    The game contains many extra unlockable clips from full rollerblading DVD's, as well as short profile clips of all the playable real skaters from the game.

    Playable characters

    • Jon Julio
    • Sesar Mora
    • Fabiola Da Silva
    • Jon Elliott
    • Brian Shima
    • Randy Spizer
    • Eric Schrijn
    • Wilfried Rossignol
    • Bruno Lowe
    • Blake Dennis
    • Takeshi Yasutoko
    • Etio Yasutoko
    • Robert Lievanos
    • Martina Svobodova
    • BJ Bernhardt
    • Jenny Logue
    • Anthony Mackie
    • Anneke Winter
    • Jenna Downing
    • Vinny Minton
    • Aaron Feinberg

    Secret characters

    • Alien Gray
    • Angel
    • Evil Clown
    • Ninja
    • Inuit
    • Mummy
    • Sylamor AC634e
    • Rumpy Lumpy
    • Bones
    • Werewolf

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