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Roma Victor contains a huge open world in which to explore with no loading screens. Whilst exploring the world the player may encounter bandits, bears, wolfs, and player created settlements to name but a few. Due to the dangers encountered whilst travelling through wilderness it is advisable that the player makes as few journeys as possible, and to travel with a group of people.
 One of the main features of the game is the crafting system which aims to be realistic as possible. This means that raw materials must be gathered, refined and then crafted into the object the player requires. This can be a very long process, and so it is common place for the player not to carry out the full process by themselves. Many players buy as many of the materials as possible (instead of growing/crafting/hunting for them) or even pay someone else to make the final product for them.
Roma Victor made it into the news on  March 23rd, 2006 when it's first crucifixion was held.  Redbedlam stated early in development of the game that it will take a strict anti-cheating policy, and so came up with the unique punishment where players who are found to be cheating will be hung on a cross for a certain length of time. The first player to be hung was known as Cynewulf.

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