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    Romance of the Three Kingdoms X

    Game » consists of 1 releases. Released Jun 21, 2005

    The tenth title in Koei's long running strategy game series set in ancient China.

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    This is the third and most recent Romance of the Three Kingdoms, after VII and VIII, to focus more on the RPG aspects of the franchise than on turn based strategy. The player can choose from among hundreds of historical Chinese warriors or create his or her own character and manage their social, political and military lives. 
    The player can play as a ruler, and manage the economy and combat of a faction in a way similar to the early entries in the franchise, or as a rank and file officer, where they accept missions from the ruler and befriend other officers to gain ranks and status.
    Once a battle is commenced, the game switches to a hex grid map, where units clash in a board game style. There is also a seperate interface for duels, which can happen in battle or outside of battle, and debates, which are similar to duels, but for intelligence and political type characters. 
    Romance X plays like a better version of Romance XIII, and is more in-depth. It is not revolutionary, if you are familiar with the series. If you have enjoyed the series this far you will enjoy the updated graphics and 4 new scenarios to test yourself  prowess and determination to unify China.

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