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    Ron Perlman is an accomplished actor of stage and screen, perhaps most notably as the title character of the Hellboy series of movies. He also is famous for voicing Slade/Deathstroke in Teen Titans. In video games, Perlman can be heard as characters such as Terrence Hood in Halo 2 and 3, and as the narrator of the Fallout games.

    Anybody see "The Last Winter"?

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    It is a movie with Ron Perlman as the lead and it takes place in Northern Arctic circle.  It is about a team of oil workers dealing with supernatural spirits that are trying to kill them or something because of the state of the Earth right now (it tries to be a "green" movie).  Check up IMDB for more info.

    Anyway, it SUCKS!  Don't see it!  I wasted 2 hours of my life seeing it on DVD and if you are given the chance to see it turn it DOWN and see something good instead.  It really was horrible and I want to make sure it is avoided.

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