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    The Ronso are a race of creatures that appear in Final Fantasy X series of games. They make mighty warriors.

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    The Ronso are a feline-humanoid race from Spira, the land in which the Final Fantasy X series takes place. The Ronso's home is Mt. Gagazet, which they hold to be sacred and guard fiercely. The Ronso are generally warriors, due to their large stature and strong build, and are governed by honor and loyalty. Aside from their striking blue skin, the Ronso's massive horn is probably their most prominent feature. The horn is a symbol of the Ronso's strength, and Ronso who have lost their horns in battle must live with great shame or, as happened to Kimahri, be cast out of the Ronso culture. 
    The Ronso have a blitzball team called the Ronso Fangs which competes in the Spiran Blitzball League.


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