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    Roomscale is the term for Vive experiences that take place in a large empty space.

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    Roomscale VR is an open area that has been cleared for a game to take place in. While inside the headset, a player can move through the space freely, with the Chaperone boundaries becoming visible once the player moves too close to any of the edges.


    The Roomscale space is established by installing the "VR Lighthouses" at a height of roughly 2-3 meters, at two corners of the area that is to be defined as the space. These Lighthouses can be installed into the wall with the mounting brackets included in the kit, or attached to a tripod via threads on the bottom and back.

    After the Lighthouses are installed, they need to be switched from the default channel A (meant for single Lighthouse in use) to channel B and C, respectively. As the Lighthouses contain moving parts, a sound described as a whine can be heard while they are powered up. Since channel C Lighthouse will shut off when the channel B Lighthouse is shut down, attaching Lighthouse B to a power switch is advised.

    Once the Lighthouses have been set up, the Steam VR Setup tool provides instructions that all the device to map the room. These steps include placing the headset and the controllers on the floor, then tracing out the boundaries of the space with the controller. After this has been done, the system will attempt to create the maximum possible usable space in that mapped area.


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