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    Rooster Teeth Productions is a multimedia company that specialized in the production of machinima, namely their flagship show Red vs. Blue. In recent years, Rooster Teeth has branched out into live-action and animation projects as well as continuing machinima.

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    General Info

    Three of the companies founders, Burnie Burns, Matt Hullum, and Joel Heyman met while attending the University of Texas at Austin in 1997. Burns later met Geoff Ramsay, Jason Saldana, and Gustavo Sorola. These six people founded Rooster Teeth Productions. The company is based in Austin, Texas, and was officially founded in 2003.

    Machinima Projects

    The companies first project was Red vs. Blue. Red vs. Blue (RvB) is a machinima series set in the Halo universe on the map Blood Gulch (which became Valhalla and Ragnarok in later games). Rooster Teeth also have worked on The Strangerhood, a machinima series set in the Sims 2. They have also worked in collaborations with Maybeck Productions to create a series called PANICS which took place in the game F.E.A.R.


    Over the years, Rooster Teeth has gotten much larger, and in doing so have branched out into making Live-Action shorts as well as continuing with their machinima. One of their ventures was aptly named Rooster Teeth Shorts, and the first season consisted of twenty episodes and was later released on DVD. RT Shorts features all members of the Rooster Teeth staff.

    This was followed up with the next series, Immersion, starring Geoff Ramsay and Gus Sorola. The series consists of Geoff and Gus being subjected to gameplay mechanics in games (i.e. eating food for health, third person driving).

    Then there is the Achievement Hunter side of Rooster Teeth productions, Achievement Hunter started on a bet made between co-founders of Rooster Teeth, Geoff Ramsey and Burnie Burns, Burnie had bet Geoff that he could not reach 10,000 gamer score on the Xbox 360 in a weeks time, Geoff accepted the challenge and reached the 10,000 gamer score in just about three days. And from that bet, led to the eventual creation of Achievement Hunter. Achievement Hunter is known for their weekly show conveniently titled 'Achievement Hunter Weekly Update', or 'AHWU' for short. They also hold office wide Halo tournaments called Achievement Pig/Horse. They also have a new series called Versus, where two of the Achievement Hunter staff members face off every week in different games to claim a fake WWE championship belt. They are also responsible for creating the famed "Tower of Pimps" in their weekly Minecraft let's plays. The Tower of Pimps is made of four gold blocks resting on an obsidian base, they hold weekly challenges that they all partake, and the Tower of Pimps is the prize for the victor of each challenge

    Then came Past Cast, which is a series of vlogs featuring some famous people from world history. Some of the people featured in the series are Che Guvera (or Gus Guvera in the video) and Abraham Lincoln, just to name a few.

    Finally, RT released The Gauntlet, which is a reality game competition. The show has taken notable beats from other game shows such as Wipeout and American Idol.


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