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    Root Beer Tapper

    Game » consists of 2 releases. Released 1983

    Players serve root beer as fast as they can to all the demanding customers.

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    Root Beer Tapper originated back in the 1980s as Tapper. The concept of the game remains the same in Root Beer Tapper, but with alcohol (Budweiser) replaced with root beer.

    Challenge Round

    In between levels, there is a mini-game of watching a gentleman shake up each can of root beer except for one. He then shuffles them around, and players have to pick the unshaken one to win. The reward for getting it correct is extra points, picking the wrong one results in the shaken root beer spraying in the player's face, then the real can is revealed.


    • Country-Western Bar with Cowboys (2 Levels)
    • Sporting Event with Athletes (3 Levels)
    • Punk Bar with Rockers (4 Levels)
    • Space Bar with Aliens (4 Levels)

    Xbox LIVE Arcade

    Midway released a modified version of Root Beer Tapper on the Xbox LIVE Arcade at 400 Microsoft Points ($5.00). This version featured enhancements such as achievements, leaderboards, multiplayer and co-op.

    Though the co-op is misleading, as the 2 players in the game never see each other's screen or work on screen together. Instead, they are playing the game separately and after each level and challenge round, scores are compared to see who is winning or losing.


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