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Rosa is the lone woman that keeps the Dusk up and running. She takes care of cleaning for most of the hotel, and can be frequently seen rushing from place to place with a duster or broom in hand. She is also the Dusk's sole cook, and guests seem to agree that her food is quite tasty. She can often be seen rushing around the hotel, dismayed at all the work she has left to do, and muttering under her breath about that lazy bum of an employee, Louis.


 A younger Rosa with her husband.
 A younger Rosa with her husband.
Rosa is a fairly open and down-to-earth type, and has a penchant for gossip. 
She takes a liking to Hyde's straightforward personality, and becomes a constant source of information for Hyde throughout his stay at the Dusk. Having a very independent personality, she prefers to support herself through hard work rather than being dependent on others. Kyle also finds that she has a very good intuition towards people's feelings, and she helps him unravel the mysteries of the hotel guests on more than one occasion. Rosa has a stockbroker son in Manhattan, and a husband whom she hasn't seen for many years.
When Mila arrives at Hotel Dusk, Rosa immediately takes pity on her and lets her stay in her room. She is constantly supportive of Mila and hopes to help her find her missing father.

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