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The waitress of Oh Deer Dinner is an obsessed fan with Alan Wake, having even the poster for his latest book at the entrance of the shop.

She is also involved in a platonic relationship with Rusty, although she dreams of the Hollywood lifestyle, something that separates them both. She also regrets being far from it.

When Alan arrives to pick up the keys of his cabin on Bright Falls in the dinner, she and Alan talk for a little while, leading to Alan getting annoyed at the adoration of Rose towards him.

After a while, Marigold is touched by the Dark Presence, and in an attempt to persuade her unconscious self to abide the shadow's schemes, it promises her that she would become Alan's muse, to which she complies, terrified in the bottom of her soul. Then she calls Alan's agent, Barry, and tells him that she got the manuscript pages, what incites Alan's promptly visit.

After arriving at the trailer park, where she lives, Alan is met by the park's manager that guides him to Rose's house. She greets them and offers them, Barry and Alan, coffee which is drugged and makes them pass out till the night, where the Dark Presence as Barbara Jagger orders the writer to finish the script. Alan lights a chandelier and the shadow disappears... leaving him to wander through Rose's house, eventually visiting her bedroom full of pictures and posters of Alan and his books.

After this episode, in the end of the game, Rose Marigold is seen holding a lamp in plain day at the Deer Fest, suggesting that she will be the next lamp lady.


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