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    Rouge is a playable character in the Power Stone series, known as the scorching beauty, whose fighting style incorporates gypsy dancing.

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    Power Stone

    In Power Stone, Rouge is compelled to travel the world in search of the Power Stones using her crystal to guide her path. Her ending sees her using the Power Stone to try and bring happiness to people all over the world. She ends up in Paris granting wishes at a carnival and is embarrassed when a group of patrons are shown a vision of her naked.

    Power Stone 2

    In Power Stone 2, Rouge's crystal is broken by a shadowy presence. Annoyed at the destruction of her occupational tools, she meditates and uses her Power Stone to teleport herself to the floating castle to track down the origin of the shadowy presence.


    Rouge in her Power Change form
    Rouge in her Power Change form

    Rouge is a 23-year old fortune teller who hails from a town called Mahdad. She has the ability to manipulate fire and her fighting style is reminiscent of dancing. While her attack power and defence are lacking, her fire attacks are long range and she moves faster and jumps higher than most of the other characters.



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