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    Roy Bromwell

    Character » appears in 3 games

    Roy is an exchange student from the United States and attends Pacific High School. He is a self-proclaimed outsider.

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    Rival Schools: United By Fate

    Roy, along with his friends Tiffany and Boman, planned to return home to America but were ordered by Roy's father to investigate the Justice High school before they could return. During their travels the trio are brainwashed and forced to do the bidding of Justice High, but they are eventually freed from their mind control by Batsu and his friends. This turn of events causes Roy to rethink his feelings on Japan and it's people. In his ending, he returns to the states with hopes bringing both Japan and America closer together and is shown twenty years later as President of the United States.

    Project Justice

    After spending a year in America, along with Tiffany, Roy returns to Japan during the new wave of attacks just in time to help Boman and Ran Hibiki fight off an assault by the fake Batsu. Later, Roy and his team help Shoma after Momo betrays him. In the Taiyo High storyline, Roy helps Batsu and the other Taiyo High students defeat Kurow. The Pacific High ending shows Roy and Tiffany returning to America and leaving Boman in charge of looking after Pacific High.


    "Strong-Armed American"

    In a race with Batsu
    In a race with Batsu

    Roy is a rich foreign exchange student studying at Pacific High from America where he is the star quarterback of his American football team. He takes care of his appearance and always tries to look his best in his fashionable clothes. At the start of the game, Roy has a deep hatred for Japan and the people in it due to the fact his grandfather would tell him stories about how he lost his leg in battle during World War II. Through the course of the game, Roy's opinions change as he makes friends with students from other schools. He has a keen interest in politics and wants to develop relationships between America and Japan. He considers Batsu to be his rival whom he grows to respect over time.


    Roy in Project Justice
    Roy in Project Justice
    • In Japan, Roy lives alone in his father's holiday villa. In America, Roy lives with his parents and two older sisters.
    • Aside from American football, Roy is also talented at arm wrestling and has a rival in Boman.
    • He has no weak subjects in school.
    • Roy, Tiffany, and Boman are the only non-Japanese characters in the series.
    • Roy bears a striking resemblance to SNK's Terry Bogard.

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